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  • Chustri Chustri Feb 11, 2013 12:41 AM Flag

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    Im just worried about your C spot with Napoli there bro... never looking him as a draft pick unless is the last C available, I rather look for S.Perez (love this kid) and J.Montero since he's the starting C in SEA as far as I know hahahaha and lot of young unproven/rollercoaster talent ( don't judge you, Im aiming the same but can come back to hunt us) also who was your 2nd round pick? cause I see Votto but even Lee or Cain are available late 3rd or 4th round so... not quite sure who was

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    • THanks man. This was a mock. I'm working on a new strategy. It's a keeper league with 3 keepers. I'm keeping Votto, Cain, and Lee, and then going all-offense until round 14 where I'm going to get my pitching. Since my league switched from Roto to H2H I've found that my older strat of getting a pitcher every 3rd round didn't work anymore, and through the year SP is easier to find on the waiver wire than hitters... but I like to have two established guys up top my rotation. My only other options are Longoria (who I've had for 2 years and has been hurt for most of those 2 years so I've soured on him) and Butler (who I think I have a shot at snagging in the 4th round anyway.)

      Still, it's definitely an unconventional strategy. I think I like Montero over Napoli too, actually...

      Also, I have no 5th round pick and two picks in the 7th. It's how I got Lee last year.


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