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    I'm New to this fantasy baseball stuff. How's the best way to rank your players so you get a balanced team

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    • Balanced teams get you in playoffs,but they don't win you championships.
      You need STACKED teams to win championships.
      To stack your team you pile up on a small majority f your leagues' categories.They can be any categories you like,but remember that most teams try to stack up on power hitters;So instead of fighting against your opponents' strengths you may want to build your team around other categories,because it will be easier to DOMINATE them.
      For example you could build you could stack your team in pitching and speed,which could cover the categories runs,batting average,steals,Ks,saves,Ws,whip,and era.Stacked teams are not good in every category;They are extremely weak in a few categories,but they are extremely strong in the other categories.I've found that STACKED consistently beat BALANCED teams.
      What I do in every fantasy league is expand my pre-draft player list to the max,print it,divide the players in rounds (Like for 12 team leagues you'd divide the players in groups of 12.).Then somewhere to the side I rank my leagues' categories,1 to 10 (Or however many categories your league uses.)..
      You want to be the strongest in the 1st category you write down,and the last category you should hardly worry about at all.
      Finally HI-LITE players in each round that will help you dominate the highest numbered categories you wrote down,and cross off players that produce in your lowest numbered categories.

    • I try to rank the first two rounds or so by best player available and draft according to that. Then, I divide them up into positions and try to figure out which positions are the thinnest and try to fill them first so I don't wind up with no good choices at the end of the draft. I try to rank in tiers so I have an approximate idea of where there may be a break in talent level. Lastly, I value pitching as much as hitting, but find it easier to find pitching late in the draft and off the FA market after the season starts. Do not punt any category if you can help it!

    • Do the opposite of what #$%$ Strong tells you to do. Then you will win for sure.


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