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  • Matthew Matthew Feb 10, 2013 7:41 PM Flag

    Cleaning Up an Autodraft Mess

    I joined a league with an autodraft. The computer drafted possibly the best 16-team pitching staff ever, and possibly also the worst offense ever.
    Here is my team:
    Ian Kennedy
    Matt Harrison
    Wade Davis
    Jose Veras
    Bruce Rondon
    Grant Balfour
    Greg Holland
    Now for my "offense"
    Arencibia C
    Ortiz/Craig 1B
    Bonifacio 2B
    Machado/Trumbo 3B
    Cozart SS
    Gomez/Pagan/Craig/Rajai Davis/Morrison OF
    Adam Eaton Bench
    What players/positions should I try to get?
    What players should I trade?
    Please post your opinion. Thanks!

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    • I upgraded my SSs by swapping Morrison and Davis for Everth Cabrera and Stephen Drew.

    • strong pitching is great to have. just make the best of it. don't trade at a loss, stay with what you have unless a trade turns up to your advantage. search the free agent list for useful pick ups, and enjoy your team, good luck, bob

    • I would say in a league that deep, you can afford to have a weaker offense, but I would def. try to upgrade via trade...I would def. trade Verlander and/or Weaver for a few top tier hitters...esp. Weaver with the velocity decline is a little shaky for me...There has got to be plenty of teams with either one or no closers, so maybe trade one of them for a Catcher or SS, maybe an undervalued guy like Asdrubal Cabrera, Lucroy, Salvador Perez, etc. ...Look out for any emerging catchers during the beginning of the season, and there are always a ton of usable OF's on the waiver wire, so even tho your weak their I wouldn't make that a priority.

    • I would hang onto Craig, Ortiz, Bonifacio, Trumbo, Cozart, Gomez and Eaton for now, probably Pagan too. Hang onto Machado and hope he gets SS eligibility. At worst, you can move Trumbo to the OF and play Machado at 3B where he may actually be pretty good.

      Catching is going to be very tight in a 16 team league, but look for Wilson Ramos, Welington Castillo, or Jason Castro on the FA market. JP gives you HR's so you might just hang onto him too.

      The pitcher with the most trade value who I think may be in some trouble with declining velocities is Jared Weaver. See if you can get a couple of mid-tier position players for him. Davis, Morrison and Arencibia would be the first guys I'd try to upgrade.

      It's not as bad as it looks at first glance. You have some power with Ortiz, Craig, JP, Trumbo and Cozart, even Gomez and maybe Machado. You have SB's with Bonifacio, Gomez, Pagan and Eaton.

    • Clarification:
      I have 3 OF spots and 2 Utility.
      I can start 2 SPs, 2 RPs, and 5 Ps.


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