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  • matt matt Feb 10, 2013 1:12 PM Flag

    when to draft your 1st SP

    last yr i waited til rd 7 and load up on hitting, well that approach backfired as I had the worst staff in a 12 team h2h

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    • Unless you have a top 6 or 7 pick why not jump on a Verlander/Kershaw/Strasburg. Miggy Trout and Braun are the top guys. Then Cano Votto Kemp and McCutchen. After that is an aging Pujols and a Cargo who can only hit at Coors Field. So after the first 7 are gone, i wouldnt mind taking Kershaw or Verlander then getting the best hitter available. But if you have a top pick, i wouldnt mind taking King Felix at the end of the 2nd round. But id go around 4th or 5th for my first starting pitcher. Pitching is deep, i mean Sale at 60! Loshe at 200! Lester and Lincecum are two guys i see coming back to form and there at 120!

    • I don't think there is any set strategy. If everybody follows the same strategy, it's going to be much harder to get undervalued players. It's a bit like Moneyball. OBP was undervalued until it became overvalued.

      I like to go by tiers. If you are drafting in the second half of the first round and all the top tier offensive players are already gone, why not jump on a Justin Verlander? Personally, once the top 3 of Braun, Trout and MCab are gone, maybe add in Robby Cano due to position strength, I'd rather pass on the CarGo's of the world, take an ace pitcher, and then go start my offensive draft with second tier guys in round 2. Contrary to popular opinion, you can find offensive value late in the draft too!

    • I usually wait until the 5th or sometimes 6th Rd before drafting a pitcher. SP is deep and you can always find hidden gems on the WW. With this strategy you won't get the top end Aces like King Felix, Kershaw, Verlander or Strasburg but you have ample opportunity at pitchers like Cain, Cliff Lee, and Weaver.


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