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  • Wraith Wraith Feb 10, 2013 12:21 AM Flag

    Mock tell me what you think

    1. Miguel Cabrera (Det - 3B)
    2. Jose Reyes (Tor - SS)
    3. Jered Weaver (LAA - SP)
    4. Jason Kipnis (Cle - 2B)
    5. Chris Sale (CWS - SP)
    6. Joe Mauer (Min - C,1B)
    7. Alex Rios (CWS - OF)
    8. Ryan Howard (Phi - 1B)
    9. Paul Konerko (CWS - 1B)
    10. Tim Lincecum (SF - SP)
    11. Hunter Pence (SF - OF)
    12. Angel Pagan (SF - OF)
    13. Jim Johnson (Bal - RP)
    14. Ichiro Suzuki (NYY - OF)
    15. Michael Morse (Sea - OF)
    16. Chris Perez (Cle - RP)
    17. Jordan Pacheco (Col - C,1B,3B)
    18. Brandon Beachy (Atl - SP)
    19. Billy Hamilton (Cin - SS)
    20. Bruce Rondon (Det - RP)
    21. Tyler Colvin (Col - 1B,OF)
    22. Denard Span (Was - OF)
    23. Sergio Santos (Tor - RP)

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    • You started out strong, but it kind of fell apart starting with Weaver in round 3. If his velocity keeps dropping, his numbers are going to fall off a cliff, just like his brother did. You just don't know when. Rios has had a roller-coaster career. Ryan Howard is a nice late round flyer but a terrible pick in round 8. Same with LIncecum in round 10. Pagan is barely rosterable except in deep leagues. I don't know. It looks like a disaster to me.

    • First 11 picks were solid for me pagan is not worth a 12 round even though he's 20 /20 type guy I like Howard this year he could be a top 5 first baseman idk yet . I agree with #$%$ strong on Mauer is a reach even though he's a beast with average . Overall 7.5 out of 10 .. Plus most people commenting have to realise that it's a 12 team draft not everyone you plan on wanting gets to you so I think you're sold through the draft . Btw is Hamilton a SS I swear he was an OF ? ...

    • i cant really get behind this draft. you basically have 3 sps since beachy wont be playing and while i love weaver and sale lincecum is a gamble for sure and you wont really have any good overall pitching stats even though you went sp in round 3 and 5. there are a lot of good relievers this year too and i think you got some question marks late rather than making sure you get good guys. speedy infield for sure, i think i would want a sure thing at 1b with those guys though. rios and howard scare me

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      • I don`t put alot of stock in SPs I get a couple good ones and Timmy even though he has struggled he was a 10th rd grab and sure Beachy goes to the D.L and I grab another SP there are 10 every season that turn up out of no where and really Howard has 50 hr power high risk High reward and ive got MR.Stable that nobody believes in even though hes been consistent for what 5 seasons 25 hrs+ in Konerko Closers Johnson had 51 saves last season Perez 39
        I thought I did O.K myself I get this alot of drafts TBH I don`t fall in with the Crowd on who to draft 80% of the time the hype is just that Hype I really wanted Halladay but he fell to an auto picker 2 picks b4 mine

    • 1) You took pitchers way too early. (though I am very high on every LAA pitcher...that OF will swallow any fly balls as they have 3 legitimate MLB centerfielders in each OF position...and the run support will be unreal)

      2) Other than Rios, Suzuki, and Morse every pick you made from the 6th round on was garbage.

      3) Billy Hamilton is not rosterable. He has no power. He will not play in the majors this season. And is BA fell off as he went up in levels.

      4) Beachy is a gamble...and a huge gamble. Never draft/own a pitcher coming off an injury (especially not TJ surgery) until they have not only returned to the majors...but also made 2 productive starts.

      5) Mauer is a HUGE reach.

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      • well lets just put it like this #$%$ I saw you on here last season and I believe you talk a good game but really don`t know #$%$ you dont know that billy wont play and a catcher that hits 300 scores 80 and has 80 rbi is a reach ????? Howard Konerko Pence and Pagen and Timmy are garbage LOL only thing i dont like is that your high on rios and ichro knowing your track record

    • I think Mauer is too high for 6 so is Alex Rios at 7...


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