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  • Tom Tom Feb 7, 2013 4:24 PM Flag

    My Dynasty Team

    20 team, H2h, OPS and holds added, 8th year is about to begin

    c- Wieters
    1b- Cuddyer
    2b- Kendrick
    3b- Cabrera
    ss- Andrus
    of- Braun
    of- Choo
    of- Crisp
    utl Longoria
    utl Middlebrooks
    utl Stubbs
    bench Avisail Garcia, Seth Smith

    SP- Sabathia, Lee, Lilly, Dempster, Nolasco, Estrada, Harang, Porcello, Thornburg, Carpenter
    RP- Rivera, Soriano, Motte, Betancourt, Frieri, Strop, Lincoln (can play 5, plus Lincoln will have SP eligibility)

    minors: Javier Baez, Jake Marisnick, Yorman Rodriguez, Joe Benson, Eury Perez, Paco Rodriguez

    after finishing first three seasons ago I've fallen to 2nd and then 3rd this past year. With Carpenter likely done my pitching looks weak. I'm going to try and swap Betancourt for a SP, but I doubt that will be an impact player. I've been able to make up for a lack of SP depth in the past with elite RP, but I'm not sure if that strategy will continue to hold. Anyone have any suggestions on ways to improve my team?

    Note: if Thornburg or Garcia doesnt make the team I can send them down to the minors, getting back the roster spot. Carpenter's ensuing drop or DL gives me one spot to work with. Depending on where Harang or Porcello land either could be a drop candidate as well. We have not yet had our prospect/fa draft, but I'm most likely going to be looking for high ceiling bats, as pitching prospects have a much larger attrition rate.

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    • Still looking for suggestions

    • Very solid team, IMO. I'd try to use Longo as trade bait but otherwise, I like it.

    • You need a power bat in that OF aside from Braun. Can only assume Taveras/Myers aren't available. Rosenthal/Miller in STL are a for sure add if possible. Get one of them.
      Zunino at Catcher is a target if possible. Shelby Miller honestly is my #1 ROY candidate in NL this season. Carp out can only assure him in the rotation all season long. Working with Molina should only improve his skills as season goes on. If Yadier can make Lynn,Lohse,Garcia and those likes sudden stars in Fantasy, imagine what a true ACE potential pitcher can become?
      Other pitchers that you can maybe get on the sly are Skaggs and or Jacob Turner. They are down in value currently in whoever owns them after their performance in 2012. Two guys who should turn it around and if they do with either them doing so with Miller your SP will be looking solid for years down the road.
      Use MLB's 2013 Prospect watch in your search for high upside bats. go through all 100. I don't know how long you can keep players as minors in your team but holding on to a guy that is a 2014 ETA or early 2015 could be the boom your team needs.

      I could see taking offers on Cabrera with Longo/Middlebrooks backing him up. You probably keep him this entire year, but I'd still leave that window open. Watch out for Josh Rutledge. If you can get him I'd think about it with your 2b situation. His bat is too good for Rockies to leave out so he'll bat leadoff, play 2b and you know Tulo/Cargo follow with Rosario. If you can sneak him away I can only see him becoming a 100R with 12-16HR/15-20SBs guy who just may turn better.

      Not a fan of Stubbs,Crisp, and Choo. Choo in a Keeper yeah. Dynasty though just lacking in punch long term value. Players of Stubbs and Crisp are abundant.
      Anyway take my perspective with a grain of salt, I've never done a dynasty but will for sure at some point as I've been opened up to following the minors over the course of last season.

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      • this is an 8th year dynasty with a full minor league system, the only prospects available are guys who blew up out of no where or who were drafted last year. I also use my own prospect watch instead of any sites, I get better results that way.

        And my offense is fine. Yeah you don't like guys like Choo, Stubbs and Crisp on your public team, but they are the worst offensive players on my 20 team league, and that's pretty good.

    • I'm always looking for feedback on my team, would love to hear what direction any one else would take it.


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