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    This is a 20 team dynasty league team. In other words, we keep our entire rosters from year to year. What do you think of this potential trade and what do you think of the roster in general, where does it need improvements? I actually finished pretty badly last year, so, I'm interested to hear.

    Get - Machado, J. Upton, T. D'Arnaud
    Give - M. Perez, G. Sanchez, Scherzer, N. Walker

    Current Roster........
    C - Ellis
    1B - Freeman
    2B - Walker
    3B - Sandoval
    SS - S. Castro
    OF - Stanton, Trumbo, R. Davis
    Util - *Shrug*
    Bench - Tyler Moore, Matt Carpenter, Steve Lombardozzi, Chisenhall, Tyler Pastornicky, Travis Snider, Grady Sizemore, Gary Sanchez
    SP - Bumgarner, Hamels, Scherzer, Garza, Skaggs
    RP - Bell, Walden
    Bench - Worley, Masterson, Cahill, Perez, Stammen, Rex Brothers

    I'd like to improve my catcher, hence the trade for D'Arnaud. Ellis can stay until someone else catches fire or D'Arnaud is ready. 1B is good. I'm not impressed with Walker at 2B. I don't have much of a plan for replacing him, but, it is what it is. I think I got 3B covered. Short would be well-covered between Castro and Machado. Stanton and Trumbo provide some pop. Davis brings the speed. If I got Justin Upton, that would hopefully be more of both. I'd easily drop/trade Moore, Lombarozzi, Pastornicky, Snider and Sizemore. I guess I'd hedge some bets on Matt Garza to be my SP3 for the time being if I trade Scherzer, but I'm not sure that I fully trust him either and I think the trade would improve my offense to go ahead and put the stress on my pitching. I don't have a legit closer right now anyway, so pitching is probably going to be the last piece of the puzzle, but I've at least got one piece in Bumgarner. Skaggs and Brothers are going to hang around. Anyway, I've rambled enough.

    What do you think? Thanks for the reply, if you have a question, please direct me towards it. Also, keep in mind, this is a 20-team league. If you've never played in a 20-team league, please understand, it's a little tougher than the 10 and 12 teamers.

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