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  • Jay Jay Feb 5, 2013 10:58 AM Flag

    Keeper Advice

    Hey everyone. Playing a h2h keeper league, standard categories (with the addition of K's counting against batters). We are able to keep any 4 players. This wll count as our first 4 rounds of the draft and we will be starting the draft in the 5th round. Your thoughts on which 4 to keep? I was thinking Cano, Pujols, Harper and Zimmerman.

    Jay Bruce
    Robinson Cano
    Starlin Castro
    Curtis Granderson
    Bryce Harper
    Adam Laroche
    Jesus Montero
    Albert Pujols
    Mark Trumbo
    Ryan Zimmerman

    Madison Bumgarner
    Ryan Dempster
    Greg Holland
    Kenley Jansen
    Ian Kennedy
    Cliff Lee
    Kris Medlen
    Ricky Nolasco
    Jake Peavy
    Max Scherzer

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    • Trust your gut, you played in these settings last season. I like the 4 you want in Cano,Pujols,Zimmerman, and Harper.
      Zimmerman who playing hurt throughout the season still netted a top 60 stat line in Fantasy. He's going to be even better and is a surefire top 40 guy. Castro on the other hand I don't believe is a top 40 guy. He's starting to show less promise as he had 2years ago and I think his upside has been reached.
      Zimmerman isn't thought highly of for whatever reason by many but you know what? In a weak 3b field the Wrights,Longos,Beltres,Miggys, will be gone. Zimmerman is the 5th best and can be top 3 at a weak 3b. You're not going to get another chance at him in redraft. Probably not Castro either but I keep answering many a post on this with Josh Rutledge as your SS/2b of the future darkhorse pick this season. Leadoff Batter behind you know who. 15/15 likelihood with more SB potential if given the opportunity. Should bat .280 or higher. So tell me how Castro is any better than Rutledge?

    • Wow, don't listen to these guys...I like Pujols, Cano, Harper, and Bruce. Bruce is only gonna be 26 and still has huge upside. Why would you keep a 34yo pitcher?

    • I would NOT keep a pitcher if you're only keeping 4. Verlander and Kershaw are the exceptions. It depends on your league about keeping Harper, Castro, or Bruce. Cano and Pujols are the givens. With K's counting against batters, I'm not sure how that effects those three, but I assume that Bruce strikes out the most.

    • Cano for sure. I'd keep a P so Lee. Pujols. And, Castro because there are a lot of good OF and not many good SS. So, that would rule out the next choice of Harper or Bruce or Grand. That would have 1B, 2B and SS covered with one good P to start. Next I'd go after 2 OF and then a P or 2. Unless, an OF and a top 7 P (doubtful) is available before I get the second OF.

    • Cano, Pujols, Castro, Harper


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