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  • Mark Mark Feb 5, 2013 12:00 AM Flag

    A Ramirez, Y Molina, , Rizzo, Prado, Shields, or Gallarado ?

    14 team H2H round 7. Need one more SP, a 3B and a C (also SS, OF, RP, U, but those will come later). Should I take Molina Rizzo, Prado,or Ramirez or one of the SPs? I have Cepedes, Craig, Phillips, Cargo, Kershaw, and Grienke. I also pick 3 turns later.

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    • I think you are talking draft? Not Keepers? Anyway that's lousy post to bring us if this is a draft. Of all the players Ramirez is your safest player. Prado 2nd Molina 3rd. Rizzo has the upside over all of them but also the worst downside. You picked Craig already so you have 1b meaning you shouldn't take that upside to downside risk. Ramirez or Prado would be my pick for 3b.

    • With only 7 keepers skip another pitcher. There will be tons out there to re-draft.

      I agree with Rizzo. Other owners will probably hang onto their slugging 1B so you should keep yours. Catcher is really deep this year. If you don't re-draft Y Molina go after someone like Wilin Rosario. In fact I'd take Rosario over Molina myself.

    • Id take Rizzo then Molina/Shields


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