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  • DL2014 DL2014 Feb 4, 2013 9:47 PM Flag

    ??Can You Answer This??

    $$ 10 Team H2H, Standard 5x5 + OBP & QS

    KEEPING 5 (rd 1-5)

    Which 5? ..and why?

    J Bruce
    J Zimmerman

    ..and why? :)

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    • pedroia, castro, beltre, zimmerman, bruce - as a keeper league that only keeps a handful of guys, I would leave the pitchers alone as Gio is the only true keeper and he's staring at a 50 game suspension if found in violation of PED-use. I am also not a Bautista believer at all... his career avg hovers in the .250s, he's coming off injury, the MLB has instituted stricter testing including HGH, and I simply don't buy into his talent, therefor I would keep the younger Jay Bruce whose power appears more legit with less question marks. Finally, I know Beltre is old and Zimmerman is overrated, but they both start at 3B, which is a desert for for solid productivity. I'd keep them both and then consider dealing one or the other for an additional piece you might desire. Pedroia and Castro are no-brainers.

    • Bautista,Beltre,Castro,Pedroia. After those 4 no others would/should be Keepers in a 10team league. Gio just may get Suspended for that whole Miami article.
      Bruce is your best Keeper at 5 its just I don't feel hes a top 50 player. Zimmerman will be a QS beast but he's a genuine 3.1ERA guy with 6-7ip 2/3ER outings. Not a high K guy. And those 3ER starts lead to many No Decisions. Yovani. No. he just cant pitch more than 7ip with high pitch counts.
      Scherzer is like Zimmerman only a 2-4ER outing guy with Ks. That means NDs and no QS. I like him I just don't think that he's Keeper worthy in a 10 team league. He'll probably last in to the 3rd/4thrds on redraft. And Konerko is one I think lasts in to the 6/7th round on redraft. You can get a Jesus Montero,Napoli type to play either C/1b with an eye on TDA/Zunino for Catcher if you cant pick up a decent one.

    • Bautista, Pedroia, Beltre, Bruce, Castro

    • Only a mere 5 keepers there will be TONS of pitchers in re-draft so I'd probably keep Konerko along with your first four listed. You got your entire starting infield and a good start to your outfield all set. You are golden.

      KennyPowers is right about the pitching. If it isn't one of those 3 pitchers or maybe David Price, don't keep them. Not with only 5 keepers. Position players are the core to any team in my book. Build around those. I just like Konerko more than Bruce cause I think other owners will hold on to their slugging 1B too and that there will be more OF available. But either would do.

    • Sub in Bruce formGio and you're set. So much pitching no need to keep any unless its veer lander, Keyshawn, or maybe Strasburg... You take care of hitting first


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