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  • Andrew Andrew Feb 3, 2013 1:46 PM Flag

    How's my team so far

    14 teams, 2 divisions
    Rosters: 21 slots, 14 starters, 7 bench
    Keepers: 4
    Prospects: 5
    H2H, 7x7 cats
    Batters: Runs, hits,HR,RBI,SB,AVG,OPS
    Pitchers: Wins, Saves, K, Hlds,ERA,WHIP, K/9

    The 4 guys I kept from last year are Cano, Verlander, Trumbo and Sale

    We are doing an offline draft so it will take 2-3 weeks to complete anyways here is my team up to this point I won last year so I had the 14th pick of our "1st round" and then the 1st pick of our "2nd round" also I had the 1st pick of the prospects draft. So I know it's kinda early to tell with not having a full roster and all but do you like my players up to this point.

    3b-Chase Headley,SD
    rp-Aroldis Chapman,CIN


    1.Jurickson Profar,ss,Tex
    2.Tyler Skaggs,p,AZ
    3.Sebastian Valle,c,Phil
    4.Jake Marisnick,of,Mia
    5.Martin Perez,p,Tex

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    • I don't see how you won your league if your 4keepers are Trumbo,Sale,Verlander, and Cano. Trumbo absolutely sucked to finish the season so he couldn't have helped you win in the playoffs. 14team h2h and those 4 are the keepers? That's a 10/15 followed by mid 40s players or lower. As to your draft thus far well you're basically at 84/85. Nothing wrong with Headley there for weak 3b. Chapman is a darkhorse pick with being a SP now. Players getting 3/4ABs versus him in a game vs maybe an entire season may lock in on him. His FB should also drop 3-5MPH since he will be a starter vs just gunning a 20pitch outing. That drop could make a huge difference. But, maybe not and maybe he's the best SP available upside to draft.
      Your Prospects, Profar is simple but at SS which is somewhere you can avoid drafting now til late he'll be huge down the road. Skaggs I believe in. I'm targeting him late in my mock drafts as my last SP. I know nothing of Valle and prospect catcher doesn't seem like a good pick with how many Catchers there are to draft. Marisnick not familar but being an OF that's more like it on prospect pick. and Perez again, I have higher faith than others. Could turn out a gem of a pick.

      You're going to be in trouble at 1b seeing as you must be down to the 100s in players picked/kept. I'd find a 1b or OF if the draft rd fits as my next picks. Your OF is in trouble for sure if Trumbo doesn't improve on his 2012 numbers.

    • your team is horrrrrrrible.

    • Seems really early for Chapman. You also are banking on Headley not failing a drug test.

    • I don't like it at all really. I don't think Sale was worth keeping. And you already have 3 pitchers on your MLB roster through 6 picks. Thats no good.

    • kind of counting on chapman? and headily to repeat?

      profar and skaggs are nice, but I bet there are better prospects that the other three you have listed in the waiver pool.

    • not great & not bad need a full team there to judge 100% .

    • I'm not a Headley fan yet. He has to have one more good year before I will be willing to draft him as high as he is being drafted this year. And I don't like Trumbo in the OF. If he can play 3b I like him a little more. Looks like you stole Cano with the last pick in the first rd.

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      • Hey, hello, we are in the same league. I told you not to take the players I wanted, but you went ahead and did it any way. And, you took Profar. Your team looks OK so far. I am enjoying our league. Have fun.

      • Well Cano was one of my 4 keepers along with Verlander sale and Trumbo I was trying to decide on keepers at the end of the season last year and up until this last January and absolutely everyone was telling me to keep Trumbo. I mean I was for sure keeping Cano and Verlander and most likely sale and was deciding between Sandoval or Trumbo and or maybe another guy but everyone just about said Trumbo without a doubt.


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