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  • Chris Chris Feb 3, 2013 1:13 AM Flag

    Keeper help por favor

    In a 10-team H2H $$$ Keeper League. We can keep up to 10 players. Please help pick my keepers! I kind of have an idea of who I want to keep but I would like your input first. (We start 1c,1b,1b,2b,2b,3b,3b,ss,ss,of,of,of,utl,utl)

    Here's my roster:

    c - Yadier Molina/Mike Napoli
    1b - Miguel Cabrera
    2b - Jason Kipnis/Howard Kendrick
    3b - Evan Longoria/Ryan Zimmerman
    ss - Derek Jeter/Erick Aybar
    of - Desmond Jennings/Michael Bourn/Josh Willingham/Corey Hart

    sp - Clayton Kershaw/Felix Hernandez/Stephan Strasburg/Dan Haren/Ryan Vogelsong/Clayton Richard/AJ Griffin/AJ Burnett/Mike Fiers
    rp - Jim Johnson/Greg Holland/Rafael Betancourt

    Thanks for your help!

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    • p - Clayton Kershaw/Felix Hernandez/Stephan Strasburg/
      c - Yadier Molina
      1b - Miguel Cabrera
      2b - Jason Kipnis
      3b - Evan Longoria/Ryan Zimmerman
      of - Desmond Jennings/Michael Bourn
      I down play RPs. An aver changing position.
      The two SS are not much compared to a lot of SS unless Jeter goes off like he did last year. Not a big Jennings fan so maybe sub Jeter (taking a chance) for Jenn.

    • cabrera,kipnis,longoria,zimmerman,aybar,,jennings,kershaw,felix,strasburg and haren. good luck, bob

    • Miggy, Longo, Zimmerman, Kipins, Yadi, Kershaw, Felix, and Stras as the first 8. The last 2 id say Willingham and Bourn. But i dont think Miggy has 1st base elidgibility this year. So id trade Longo and someone for Fielder and Zimmerman and Bourn for a top OF if you can. If you can, and you need an extra keeper id say Jennings or Johnson.

    • Miggy,Kipnis,Longo,Zimmerman,Kershaw,Felix,Strasburg, are the easy ones. That's 7.
      The other 3 don't stand out to me. I like Willingham the most. With only 3OFs and 10team League, I'd expect a number of quality guys available. So at 8 I'm probably looking over the League and figuring out what is to be left after the other 90Keepers. If everyone is keeping SSs Jeter has to be looked at. How about at Catcher too if there's a bunch of quality guys being kept, then Molina suddenly becomes a Keeper. You'll be hurting in SBs so Jennings/Bourn become of value if SBs look hard to come by. You have a great starting 7 of 10 and that trio of SPs will be envied. You should be able to draft your position players and hold out on pitchers when in that inbetween batter or pitcher decision.


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