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  • How do you like him this year,and will he be 3rd base eligible?

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    • Via MockDraftCentral:
      Trumbo's ADP is 68.7 so a 6th/7th rd selection. 7guys before in order are:Napoli,Kimbrel,Shields,Gordon,Lawrie,Zobrist, and Bourn
      the 7 after Trumbo are: Grienke,Medlen,Phillips,Altuve,Rizzo,MiguelMontero, and Wieters.
      Among those 14 I want Trumbo over Napoli,Montero,Wieters and Phillips. (just shows you Catcher after Posey,Perez,Mauer,and Rosario can be waited on well beyond the 6th rd if not the 10-12thrds.) Meanwhile a Ortiz/Willingham are being drafted 50picks below Trumbo and that's about the kind of player I see Trumbo as. I just think there are Trumbo types that can be drafted twice as late as where Trumbo is going. Maybe not as much upside but overall same expectations. the 5-8 rds to me are where you separate yourself or ruin it. That's where Trumbo is going to be drafted and he's a pick I see ruining more than separating. He has to fall to be worthy a draft selection or be 3b eligible.
      It's one of those, I like him but I don't. He needs another season in him to show me he can be counted on.


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