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  • JC JC Feb 3, 2013 2:29 PM Flag

    What 5 would you keep?

    Thanks everyone for your input!

    The 5 I'm thinking of keeping are:

    1. Posey
    2. Stanton
    3. Strasburg
    4. Hamels / Profar
    5. Sale

    I may keep Profar in lieu of Hamels, but I dunno. I thought about Ellsbury, but he's too much of an injury risk for me. Profar is risky, tho, as I can probably get him in the mid to late rounds, but I really like his upside. Any thoughts about Profar?

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    • id keep cespedes over sale you have the pitching already. cespedes woulda been close to 30/20 .300 100rbi last yr, his first yr in this country, if he had a full season.

    • Do not keep Profar or Sale. You can certainly win this year with your potential keepers and you can redraft Profar very easily. Hamels Sale. Sale has a dangerous delivery and he has only done it for one year. Cespedes,Hamels, Posey, Stanton, and Stras are who i would keep. You get 2 stud SP, a 45 HR threat, the best catcher in the league, and a potential 30/20 guy in Cespedes who isn't as dangerous of a keeper as Ellsbury.

    • I doubt Profar would be selected in the first couple of rounds after the keepers since he won't be starting (unless there is a trade before the season starts).

      I am on the fence of keeping Profar in the 11th round in my keeper league.


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