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  • BrewCrewDue BrewCrewDue Feb 3, 2013 2:22 AM Flag

    What 5 would you keep?

    Simple. Stanton,Ellsbury,Posey,Strasburg,Hamels. That's your best 5via if a draft were held. Those 5 would all go in first 40picks. No top 12 players but a bunch of 13-24players in Stanton,Ellsbury,Strasburg,and Posey. Hamels is around 35-40.
    Since you are keeping your 5highest players in a draft, this increases the liklihood you can draft some of the better players that you must let go. Cespedes,Jackson(I'm high on this year),Zobrist,Sale,Anderson,Prado, and Profar.
    If you let guys walk like Hamels,Ellsbury I can assure you both will likely be gone within first 6picks of draft. whereas, Cespedes,Sale and Zobrist should last the first 10picks. That means you can likely get 2of the 3 back. Though with OF,OF,C,SP,SP Zobrist with 2bEligibility warrants the biggest pick of need. You proably want to eye 1b/3b if possible. SS has plenty to pick from.

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    • Thanks everyone for your input!

      The 5 I'm thinking of keeping are:

      1. Posey
      2. Stanton
      3. Strasburg
      4. Hamels / Profar
      5. Sale

      I may keep Profar in lieu of Hamels, but I dunno. I thought about Ellsbury, but he's too much of an injury risk for me. Profar is risky, tho, as I can probably get him in the mid to late rounds, but I really like his upside. Any thoughts about Profar?

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      • id keep cespedes over sale you have the pitching already. cespedes woulda been close to 30/20 .300 100rbi last yr, his first yr in this country, if he had a full season.

      • Do not keep Profar or Sale. You can certainly win this year with your potential keepers and you can redraft Profar very easily. Hamels Sale. Sale has a dangerous delivery and he has only done it for one year. Cespedes,Hamels, Posey, Stanton, and Stras are who i would keep. You get 2 stud SP, a 45 HR threat, the best catcher in the league, and a potential 30/20 guy in Cespedes who isn't as dangerous of a keeper as Ellsbury.

      • I doubt Profar would be selected in the first couple of rounds after the keepers since he won't be starting (unless there is a trade before the season starts).

        I am on the fence of keeping Profar in the 11th round in my keeper league.


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