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  • Kenny Powers Kenny Powers Jan 31, 2013 10:46 AM Flag

    Keeper League Trade

    I have too many keeper type players.

    Proposed trade is: Receive #12 pick and #47 pick Give up J. Upton, Headley.

    My keepers would then be: Pujols, Longoria, Trout, Harper, and Castro.
    Still throwing back into the draft Gio, Bumgarner, Craig, and Zobrist.

    10 team league I have picks #10 and #11 etc in a snake draft.
    I originally asked for pick #12 and #33 for Upton.
    Other picks that the guys has are: #7 (won't trade it), #14, #33, #34, #46

    What is the appropriate counter or should I take the deal?

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    • I dont play keeper leagues but If the person gives up 12 and 47 and has to use Upton and Heasley as keepers he would have to cut 2 of his own players. That would be a lot to give up and a good offer to you I think. Not sure of the rules but it could depend on who he has to cut if its a good deal for him

    • I would jump all over that trade assuming you can only keep 5 players. If you don't take the trade you would only slightly improve your keepers and you wouldn't get those extra draft picks. With those extra draft picks you can greatly improve your team. Remember, the #12 pick will be replacing your final round pick, which depending on how many rounds you have in your draft will be like the #200ish pick in the draft. Keeping Upton over Castro is a small improvement to your team, much smaller than the #12 pick would be over the #200 pick.

    • You are giving him 2 keepers. 12 and 33 sounds good/fair or 14 and 33. He's guaranteed a starting OF and 3B versus the unknown. That 33 might not be a starter.

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      • Made the deal with #12 and #47, but no Headley, just Upton. Feel decent about it. As much as I like Upton, being able to keep the SS is good. Also having 3 picks in a row gives me a lot of time and options to fill out my roster early and try to address other needs. Plus still have Headley to try to work another trade.

    • If you added Headley into the original offer, I would at least go 12 and 33. 3 straight picks that early---10,11,12--- is a HUGE opportunity to make the best picks to improve your team. If he is stubborn and about to walk away, I would still jump on the 12 and 47 just to have the 3 straight picks.

    • Demand his #7 for Upton as you're giving him a top 15player out of a pool of 50already kept and he would more than likely be selected by 1/2 in your redraft pool. If he wants Upton this is how he gets him or else going to someone else who picks ahead of him.
      If I were you I'd be Keeping Upton and letting go Castro. There are so many more players surrounding Upton now with true talent vs. who Castro is surrounded with. SS has many callups coming that if your pick doesn't pan out they just may turn out better options.
      You really want to Keep Castro then counter the 7 being a must as well as the 14 for Headley. If he refuses, say 7,12,and 14 for Upton,Headley and your 11pick.

    • well, the good news is that you have so many very fine players. you are giving a lot in this trade but it helps your team so i would do it. a counter offer might improve your picks but only marginally. good luck, bob


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