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  • CDiG CDiG Jan 30, 2013 10:56 AM Flag

    Floating around trade idea with some big names....HELP

    Hi guys,

    Here are my 8 keepers for next year, at least I think so? 2 Util spots so Miggy would go there.

    Miguel Cabrera
    Justin Upton


    Now, on paper, I don't think I even need to engage in trade talks. However, with 2 elite 3b's in Longo and Cabrera, I am looking to see if I can still improve. The following deals have been proposed to me. Any thoughts on them?

    Kershaw for Justin Upton

    Kershaw and Yoenis Cespedes for Longoria

    Kershaw and Braun for Upton, Longoria, and a 9th round and 13th round pick (1st round and 4th round in our keeper draft)

    I guess the only reason I would be doing these is because of my lack of faith in Wainwright to be the true #2. What do you guys think?

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    • I like the Braun deal best

    • OMG do the Kershaw and Braun deal! if you are even allowed! I like that deal without the picks. Gaining a 1st rd pick in your draft just sweetens it beyond belief! Keepers being:
      Braun,Miggy,Votto,Kinsler,Granderson,Felix,Kershaw and then Wainwright is a sick team. You would have 2 1st rd picks which could be great in Pitchers to lock that up. Having just SS/C/Util to fill out via drafting is a huge plus since they are weak positions to begin with. So you can quickly #$%$ up the Best Pitchers left off as Keepers and go in to the year with the best Pitching staff imaginable!
      Cespedes is good but having two 1st picks is more valuable to me than Cespedes. Kershaw is only a tick below Longo in value but then again Kershaw has more offense behind him so his best is probably yet to come!
      Putting it this way your keepers in my rankings would be
      1,2,5,12,24,32,35,60. That's 4 1st rd players! 3High 3rds. and nothing wrong in Wainwright at 60 with top 10Pitcher potential. You already have 2top 10 pitchers and potential when already having top secured is how I like to go with. Dickey was my guy last year and he could be your guy in Keeper Draft. I'll add, with Granderson, I eye my next Trout in replacing him late for future keeper. Watch Myers and Taveras Closely for callups. Or even stuff them as Bench players if you can. With your Keepers as they stand after the Braun trade, he'd be the first to look to replace. Waino 2nd. Kinsler 3rd. And there are a lot of high promise pitchers beginning their careers this year or playing full season for first time this year. Waino not reaching his top 10 pitching promise means you should find his replacement rather easily.

    • I like K and YC for Long. This way you have to change one of your keepers and that would be Wain whom I also am leery of right now. I rreally like Cepedes and him for Long would appear to be even and then it is Ker for Wain and I'd prefer Ker.
      Kershaw and Yoenis Cespedes for Longoria

    • I like the Kershaw and Braun one the best but Cespedes and Kershaw aint bad!

    • I'd do Longoria for Kershaw and Cespedes in a heartbeat and let go of Wainwright. Kershaw and Cespedes are young and highly talented and you have Cabrera to play 3rd and Longoria gets hurt every year. Kershaw and Hernandez is a filthy 1-2 and you probably can get Wainwright or a similar caliber pitcher back with your first pick.


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