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  • jared l jared l Jan 29, 2013 11:47 PM Flag

    keeper league help need to keep 5 guys

    i need to keep 5 of the following guys, and these are the people im deciding between
    Mike Trout (Round 13) - obvious include
    Stephen Strasburg (Round 18) - obvious include
    Matt Kemp (Round 3)
    Dustin Pedroia (Round 4)
    Joe Mauer (Round 8)
    Jason Heyward (Round 7)
    Adam Jones (Round 10)
    Adam Wainwright (Round 17)

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    • You list the Round as in draft pick you lose? Easily keep Kemp,Jones, and Heyward. I don't like Pedroia at 2b costing you a 4th rd pick vs the cost of 7th/10th for Jones/Heyward. And with Keeping Strasburg, that's a high enough start for Keeping a Pitcher there shouldn't be any consideration on Wainwright, you can definitely redraft him. Mauer while Keeper worthy just doesn't provide the punch Heyward,Jones, and Kemp does. And Catcher has a number of guys in TDA,Perez,Rosario,Lucroy,Zunino that have suddenly made Catcher deep. It's not Mauer tier 1 nobody tier 2 and the rest tier 3 anymore.
      Oh, your Worried face at 2b. Josh Rutledge if not eligible at 2b today will become eligible eventually. Going to be a great Leadoff guy. And there's always the Utley lying around who we know can kill if ever healthy. I just don't think Pedroia has the surrounding bats like in past where he's constantly being knocked in. I'd drop his projected Runs by 20-25 over the past two years. And, with the less impact bats behind him, he just may be pitched around the corners more since he's more a threat to the pitcher than who's coming up next.

    • trout kemp pedroia strasburg id take jones over heyward only because you get him 3rounds later then heyward and you pretty much get the same production.

    • I think Kemp, Trout and Stras are for sure keepers. Id then go Jones if you can play any 3 OF, and Heyward if you have LF, CF, and RF. Wainwright id take as last pick, cheap good pitcher. Grab Zunino or d'Arnaud in the draft for C


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