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  • BrewCrewDue BrewCrewDue Jan 28, 2013 10:37 PM Flag


    I take Braun. Not just because I'm Brewer fan but because he helps you in every single stat. having bookend picks you are going to be stuck reaching on picks. The Later round SB picks? are not something I want to reach on as they just may have been there your next two picks while more solid players are missed out on. You won't influence your drafting to find SBs at some point. Besides that the bookend 2/3 should leave you with a decent 3b/1b option Zimmerman/Beltre Gonzo/Goldschmidt or even elite #1 SPs. That's the problem with the #1 pick is you kinda have to round your team with safe legit picks rather than expect to catch players you think will fall to you the next two selections. What will happen is they may fall to you at those selections but 2others fall further than you expect and you say I cant pass that up! Kershaw at end of 2rd? Strasburg? Suddenly taking picks that fall to you while great leaves you hanging at a desired position of strength like 1b/3b or SP. And of course you are very likely to watch the players you want to draft disappear leaving you desperate with a sudden urgency to find 2 others. Truthfully, you're not going wrong with any of the 3 and should consider yourself lucky to get one. They are the types that alone will win you a weekly matchup when they go off.
    The Knock on Trout is that he was being figured out and his stats began tapering off. Could be true but then again what is also true is he will leadoff, which means more ABs weekly and throughout the season. His numbers are elite, getting an added 70-100PAs of producing those numbers at .300BA is another 21-30hits HRs? 2bs? SB opps? It doesn't sound like much but it adds up. That's what deciphers an elite pitcher from another is the length of an avg start. guy goes 5.2 vs one who goes 6.2. Each has 2.4era but that added 35innings throughout the season is like getting 5more starts from that pitcher.
    Braun/Miggy are both 3s so no difference there. Miggy has a better cleanup hitter but I'm not sure on #$%$
    Really, you have to watch the Mocks leading up to your draft and see the 7/8guys you can expect to see when your 2nd/3rd pick come. Drafting Miggy and Longoria/Wright/Beltre/Zimmerman all still there by your 2nd pick would just feel like a lost opportunity. Seeing those 4 gone while Upton/Hamilton/Heyward,Harper,Jones,Ellsbury,Stanton remain would make missing Miggy hurt.

    If you know your League members and have seen a history of who that like/don't like you can potentially project more who will be around then for 4/5picks to influence your picks 1,2,3. After round 5 it's going to be key to watch the how the other's rosters are filling out. Since you are having to reach on many of your picks, you can decide that at 2b since 8 are gone, these remain, if you can just hold off on drafting a 2b to almost the end. Catchers fit that too. It's tough with book end picks, I prefer the 4th/9th picks personally so I'm not spread as far apart.


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