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  • BrewCrewDue BrewCrewDue Jan 28, 2013 7:03 PM Flag

    i need to keep 5 guys. who would you recommend?

    Why do you ask? It should be obvious!
    Cargo,Longoria,Trout,Hamilton,Wright. That's a really good 5keeper of batters. Butler is almost worthy of Keeping or even Kimbrel. You should look at another team's potential Keepers/ lack of 5 and see about trading up on a 2 for 1. Say a Butler/Wright for a Votto or Pujols. Or a Butler Wright for a Kershaw. You know, gun to find another top 12 pick(which you have Cargo/Trout already which leaves 10 to gun for) The added 3b/Kimbrel/Butler are all worthwhile to find a taker on exchanging for another Elite Batter/Kershaw/Strasburg. Open up that you're torn between picking a 3b or keeping Kimbrel and ask if anyone wants to exchange a Keeper of theirs for 1/2 of yours to help in your decision making.


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