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  • Max Max Jan 27, 2013 11:52 PM Flag

    Dynasty League Help With Keepers!

    A few questions, who could i get for Lee? Gordan? What about Crawford and Howard? Why dont you like Ortiz? Griffin and Milone pitched real good and are young.

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    • lee and gordan are good and depending on your league...i know in my league lee and gordan could bring one roster ready play and one prospect.

      Gordan for jackson and barnes...return is a chance but both should see mlb this year

      Ortiz is good but he is getting older and he only plays a position that every player in the majors plays. if you dont have flexablilty in position you handcuff yourself to a position...

      Encarnacion is hitting a ton and so is howard and Ortiz is doing good aswell well know one of these players will be sitting and i now for me and my luck ill chose the wrong one and theyll have a 3 homer 7 rbi day or somthing crazy and of course be on my bench.

      The utility position for me is a postion of flex and i can put any player off my bench there...of course the person with the hottest hand at that point. This is not saying Ortiz is a bad player because it is the opposite of that he is good but imo its a through away postion that you can get great numbers out of

    • Don't trade Cliff Lee. He is one of the top 10 pitchers in baseball. His low Wins total last year was a fluke.


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