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    Dynasty League Help With Keepers!

    So im in a 12 team league that i took over last June. I finished 4th! Suprisingly! I think i have some good pieces but i definately need to upgrade to even have a chance to win it all. There are three or four really good teams. So ya, id just like some advice on who i should drop and who to trade for. Its a H2H 9x9. We can keep as many players as we want.

    I think i have some really good pieces on my team, but no Top 10 Guys. And my Infield sucks! And i had Machado but dumped him a month before his call up! I feel Dumb! especially since i need a SS\3B/2B!

    C - M. Montero
    1B - E. Encarnacion
    2B - M. Young
    3B - M. Olt
    SS - M. Scuataro
    LF - J. Upton
    CF - J. Ellsbury
    RF - J. Bautista
    UTIL - D. Ortiz

    1B - R. Howard
    SS - D. Gordon
    LF - C. Crawford
    LF - N. Cruz
    1B/LF - Y. Alonso
    RF - N. Markakis

    Roy Halladay
    Cliff Lee
    Doug Fister
    Clay Buchholz
    A.J. Griffin
    Tommy Milone
    Jason Vargas
    Mike Leake
    Chris Carpenter
    Dylan Bundy
    Shelby Miller

    Jose Valverde
    Mariano Rivera
    Ryan Madson
    Heath Bell

    I have to cut at least 3 guys cuz i had 3 guys end the year on the DL, but id like more to go. This is who im thinking, Bell, Leake, Markakis, and Gordan. Valverde if he cant find a place to play. So jsut some help on who to trade and cut would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    • Why cut more than three if you don't have to?

      Bell, Leake and Gordon are the easy cuts. If you really want to cut someone else I would cut Griffin, then Alonso.

    • Encarnacion is 3b as well no? So he's 3b Howard 1b? Well, probably not. Young at 2b? I thought he was 3b? I'd trade Olt as he's stuck for at least 2more seasons before having a full season position. I don't know who for maybe an older 3b like Aram to help this year. 2b/SS I'm high on is Josh Rutledge! Get him 15/15 guy with .300BA potential at Coors batting Leadoff ahead of you know who. Markakis is better than you think keep him, over Cruz. Your Pitching is great! SP that is. I can understand letting go the worst or two worst in your opinion.
      Catcher, is Zunino available? Get him. Montero isn't exciting to me anymore, I think injuries/position have taken a toll and I don't see his best year to come after them, I think he's already had it.
      Being a Dynasty League, you can easily look to trade away older players if you're not feeling a strong run as you stated vs. the competition. Giving up a Halladay/Lee for an up and comer like Matt Moore or even Shields imo. Pitchers that are solid today but can extend being solid next year and beyond vs. on the downward trend. Ortiz fits that category as a batter If someone will give up a solid younger player for him like Rutledge who doesn't have a strong following yet I'd do it. Especially since Rutledge will be a 2b/SS for your future. Nick Franklin is a SS up and coming who should appear for the M's this year and moving forward. You have the type of team with a few solid moves can quickly become competitive. Take advantage of a team looking to win today for your future.

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      • Encarnacion didnt play enough games at 3rd base last year. Olt will have 3rd base elidgibility but will DH for Texas. Young is elidgible for 2B next year. Cruz i really like, especially since hell be hitting 4th this year! Tons of RBI! Imma try to deal for Verlander giving Lee and a few more pieces. Zunino is available! Ive looked into him and d'Arnaud for C. Rutledge i like but the guy with him will make you WAY overpay. Franklin im not huge on. Baez and a few more SS are out there, Bogaerts. What could i get if i dealt Markakis and Gordan? What kind of SS/2B/3B? What could i get for Encarnacion? Im looking to sell high to get a good 2B/3B/SS and P.

    • Thanks for replies, anyone else?

    • freakin young team but here it goes...

      C - M. Montero, Probably do better but C is pretty much a throwaway unless u have Posey
      1b - E. Encarnacion, good
      2B - M. Young-assuming Micheal Young for the phillies, to old trade while you can
      3B - M. Olt-great upside but kinda the risk reward kinda thing
      SS - M. Scuataro-solid SS
      LF - J. Upton-12 on my board, i think this is his year
      CF - J. Ellsbury-Injury risk
      RF - J. Bautista-old but solid
      UTIL - D. Ortiz- gone i dont want anyone how just plays at util find better

      1B - R. Howard-somebody would love his 30 homer power...may a good util???
      SS - D. Gordon-trade, your most upside SS but you can probably get 2 more prospects out of him
      LF - C. Crawford-someone would buy
      LF - N. Cruz- I think this is Rangers New 4 hole so RBI's in bunches
      1B/LF - Y. Alonso-keep
      RF - N. Markakis- Keep

      Roy Halladay-A tipical Halladay again this year
      Cliff Lee- Sell...WOW SELL Cliff Lee...yes again you can add 2 younger pitcher for his price and get better #'s aside from era
      Doug Fister-keep
      Clay Buchholz-keep
      A.J. Griffin-who cares
      Tommy Milone-again who cares
      Jason Vargas-probably solid #'s...if he could find a way to win in seattle it should be easier in LA
      Mike Leake-keep
      Chris Carpenter-Keep, if you dont have an innings cap pitch in numbers so the more the marrier
      Dylan Bundy-to much upside here to let go
      Shelby Miller-SEE DYLAN BUNDY

      Jose Valverde
      Mariano Rivera
      Ryan Madson
      Heath Bell

      RP keep Rivera and madson drop bell and valverde but pick up an addison reed type if avail.

    • Thanks! JJ, I need Odorizzi ! Anyone else?

    • Id cut Valverde no matter what....Chris Carpenter (if he is the Cards guy, just gets hurt too much I dont think he can be effective anymore) Dee Gordan.... but you have Scutaro. Dee has a bigger upside to him. Last I think Bell can go too

      Valverde, Carpenter, Gordan/Scutaro, Bell

      Can you help with mine too??
      Dynasty League any help on keepers?


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