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  • JJ JJ Jan 27, 2013 12:00 PM Flag

    Dynasty League any help on keepers?

    I believe this is year 3.....possibly 4 lol we started as a low keeper league a long time ago. It's head to head 9x9. We can keep every one or we can drop them all and draft fresh (dumb to do). 12 teams total. I was in 2nd place all year...1st place the last week of the season and ended up finishing 8th when the play offs ended lol Its how my team always ends up!!

    I have an amazing core of players and have some guys in mind that I want to trade off before the draft ( we are allowed to make trades before the leagues draft). We have a roster of 27 total players. I believe I have 27 players listed below so I could keep all of them going into the season. I usually keep 1-2 NA players in the minors on my roster. I have kept Teheran on my team for about 1 1/2 yrs and Rendon all of last year after drafting him with the final draft pick. Wanted to get some ideas from the peanut crowd out there so, please and thank yous in advance!

    Oh and many of these guys were pick ups from the FA pool. I just get lucky with picking up players a few weeks before there call ups.....eg..... Simmons, Machado, Bumgarner and Posey if I remember correctly.

    C/1B - Buster Posey
    1B - Joey Votto
    2B - Jason Kipnis
    SS - Andrelton Simmons
    3B - David Wright
    LF - Ryan Braun
    CF/LF - Desmond Jennings
    RF - Giancarlo Stanton
    UTL - Jason Heyward

    C- Salvador Perez
    SS/3B - Manny Machado
    3B - Anthony Rendon
    CF - Leonys Martin
    CF - Adam Eaton

    Stephen Strausburg
    David Price
    Madison Bumgarner
    Matt Moore
    Trevor Bauer
    Zack Wheeler
    Julio Tehran
    Jake Odorizzi

    Kenley Jansen
    Stephen Pryor
    Greg Holland
    Carter Capps
    Tony Cingrani

    I like to have 4 RP..... I went away from the wanting guys to give me Saves and Holds to getting me a lower ERA and a TON of strike outs and thats what those 5 gave me....minus Capps and his large ERA :)

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    • Thought Id pop this up one more time for any one else that may have some insight for me :) thanks again!

    • Guys I could see losing on your team via trade or dumping:Martin,Rendon,Odorizzi and in RPs I'm not familar. You have a talented squad put together albeit younger than I'd expect in SP/Bench players. I absolutely love Perez! and Posey as a backup 1b? Awesome work. Simmons/Jennings, are players that I'm skeptical and trade scenarios of acquiring a more proven SP or improvement on those two by dealing away an Odorizzi/Rendon/Martin/Simmons/Jennings combo is what I see a need to do.

    • Your line-up is pretty stacked and you have some great guys sitting on your bench, which leaves you with a little trade bait if other owners get desperate. I would probably drop Rendon for the time being and maybe revist him next year, as he won't be cracking a MLB roster any time soon. What's the status of Billy Hamilton in your league?

      And while your starters are absolutely great, your relief crew could use a little bit help. Maybe try to snag Sean Doolittle in the draft (after drop Capps) and then find another arm like his, if you can. He's going to be used in a lot of high-leverage situations this year and strikes out a ton of guys while walking almost none, so holds will be great. And if Balfour goes down, he's probably the next in line for the closing role.

      If you can improve your relief crew just a bit then I think you'll have an incredibly solid year.

    • Really good team imo... Y 2 catchers, trade perez for some more pitching and to many RP n not enough SP

      Martin gotta time share with Gentry and Simmons really doesnt offer much aside BA there are better SS out there, maybe you can snag Billy Hamilton for a good price when he comes up

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      • Why 2 catchers? Cause catchers dont play 162 games not even if you are named Posey. Im not too sure about Simmons. Have you seen his minors numbers? He didnt get to do much when he was called up. I can see him in a full season this year give a 300 with double digit HRs and like 30 SBs at least. He has a TON of speed, I think he was rated a 70 on the 80 scale

    • Id dump Rendon, with Laroche getting 2 year deal he wont be up in the majors for a while. if you do dump Rendon, rotoballs will pick him up probably with every other 3B prospect, Gyroko Arenado Moustakas, haha. Umm Capps you could dump too. And finally Trade me Jake Odorizzi! :)

    • would love more replies please :) thanks for those who have already!

    • wow, a great roster for a 12 team league. i would expect a number 1 finish in 2013 and would try to make sure that this goal is accomplished. i think with the chance of victory so good that i would drop some of the young guys and pick up some players who will help now. so i suggest that you drop odorizzi, capps cingrani and rendon and draft some ready for the majors guys. e.g. another bench OF would be helpful in case of an injury. unusally new rp guys show up late in the off season and could help as well; i like getting rp who help in era and k's but looking for the guys who add saves and holds is the key to winning, good luck, bob

    • Im not much on rendon, hes got about 2 years of minors to go. Other than him the only one id get rid of is Capps, Help me with my post? its the one before yours about which of the four to keep.


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