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  • ChristopherV ChristopherV Jan 27, 2013 11:05 PM Flag

    Dynasty League any help on keepers?

    Really good team imo... Y 2 catchers, trade perez for some more pitching and to many RP n not enough SP

    Martin gotta time share with Gentry and Simmons really doesnt offer much aside BA there are better SS out there, maybe you can snag Billy Hamilton for a good price when he comes up

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    • Why 2 catchers? Cause catchers dont play 162 games not even if you are named Posey. Im not too sure about Simmons. Have you seen his minors numbers? He didnt get to do much when he was called up. I can see him in a full season this year give a 300 with double digit HRs and like 30 SBs at least. He has a TON of speed, I think he was rated a 70 on the 80 scale


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