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    Price cueto deal

    H2H keeper deal..got offered cueto and his 1st pick 11th overall in 1st round and 5th round ..we keep 5...i have kershaw also as another keeper..what do u think

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    • Hell no.

    • We need more info. You have 5Keepers? Who are they? I don't think Cueto is a Keeper depending on who else you have to Keep. How many Teams in this League? a 1st rd 11th pick in a 12 team league is like looking at a 71st pick after Keepers. Price FAR exceeds a 71st pick! He Also Far exceeds a 61st pick if it's 10Team league. You're giving away an Elite Player for a pick that will be borderline Bclass to Upper tier Class. It's Awful imo. Even if you are just getting rid of Price because you have 4other Keepers with Kershaw in mind and just don't want to let Price go for nothing. There's practically no pitchers out there with having Kershaw, that you should trade away Price for. I wouldn't think of Cueto as a Keeper so it's Price for Cueto to be non kept and a 11th pick in 1st rd/71st overall player selected?
      Price is a top 35pick. You need a top 40 Player in return for him or a top 50player in return with that 1st rd pick. And he has to be a Keeper for your team. Asking for an Adrian Gonzalez/Hamilton/J.Upton/Ellsbury/Beltre for example are players who aren't thought highly of this year who's owners may even think less of after last season and decide to let you have them for Price.

    • Not terrible, however, I would either A. stand pat and keep Price or B. Get Cueto, his 1st Rd, and his 3rd Rd instead of 5th... you hold all the cards in this deal, he wants Price and you have him so I say if he wants him, you must get "obvious" value in return... meaning that a 5h Rd pick really means very little, considering you already possess one yourself and his draft slot is pretty #$%$. So I say get Rd 1 & 3 plus Cueto at minimum if you're really #$%$ing to make a deal.


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