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  • Alan Alan Jan 23, 2013 11:44 AM Flag

    Wil Myers

    Hi guys, I haven't exactly been keeping up with things in the off season and for that reason need a little heads up. I'm in a league that requires me to keep 5 players, one of which must have 3 years or LESS MLB experience. For this spot I only really have Jason Kipnis. My other players consist of Verlander, Price, Reyes, Beltre, Bruce, Bourn, Reddick, Miguel Montero and Brandon Morrow. Naturally I am definitely keeping JV and Price. From the rest I have to keep 2 and then either keep Kipnis or trade for another youngster. I've been hearing a lot of good things about Myers and wanted to know how you feel about him. Is he gonna play some this year? If so, how much? Do you think I should trade for him?

    I do have 2 offers on the table (Reyes for Myers & Bruce for Trumbo) which I am considering. Please let me know your thoughts and also bear in mind that this could be a deal for someone that I may have for years to come.

    I am in a points based where hitting and pitching are equally important. Thanks for your help.


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    • Actually I think Bruce for Trumbo could do a little something for you. In Yahoo leagues Trumbo goes into the season with both OF and 3B eligibility. And with Kendrys Morales gone to Seattle, he should get enough starts at 1B when Pujols gets a day off or DH's a game or so to get 1B eligibility pretty early in the season. (You only need 5 games started at a position in Yahoo leagues). So Trumbo gives you more flexibility on your roster and even in a re-draft. He's also younger and is in a great hitting line-up.

      I don't like the other trade offer. I'd keep Reyes. For every great next player who succeeds there are more that fail for turn out pretty average. I'd take the proven thing in Reyes.

    • keep verlander, price, reyes, beltre. Kipnis is not a bad last selection at all.

      No way I deal reyes for Myers. Reyes is a known commodity at SS, and still has 3-5 good years left. bruce for trumbo really does nothing for you. Myers should be good, but what if he turns out to be holliday, a late 2nd early 3rd pick as his upside? He doesn't really have the BA/SB potential to turn into Kemp/Cargo/Braun unfortunately, and I'm a Rays fan. And the downside is he is bruce, or worse even.

    • Look about 10 questions before yours,I asked the same question,and got some good answers..

      It does seem Myers could be the next big thing.


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