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  • Derek Derek Jan 21, 2013 1:30 PM Flag

    16 team keeper league

    16 team head to head 5x5 scoring. I have to keep 6-8 players. The team I inherited needed a lot of work and has improved.

    Billy Butler
    Jose Reyes
    Mike Moustakas
    Paul Goldschmidt
    Adam Jones
    Wilin Rosario
    Danny Espinosa
    Stephen Strasburg
    Brandon Beachy
    Matt Harvey

    Butler, Reyes, Goldschmidt, Jones, and Strasburg are for sure. Really leaning towards Rosario, Moustakas, and Harvey as well. I will be actively trading before the draft. Thoughts on keepers?

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    • You've got the 5 set. The 6th isn't there imo worthy of a top 6rd selection. Again, I read that in some drafts you can keep less than asked of and then you would get Pre draft selections to fill your keepers. Say 5 Keepers arent' used. You had the 2nd worst record before the draft you would get the 2nd choice out of 5 It'd be like
      Pre Draft
      So then after you've found your last keeper the draft begins.
      I'd rather see who drops in to the draft pool with a top pick at them then move on with choosing over the guys you have for 6th Keeper. I'd fully expect a much better Pitching option than Beachy,Harvey in my scenario. Rosario will be good at Catcher I just dont think top 6rd pick good.

    • Re-reading I realize I wasn't being too clear about the pitchers. What I meant to say is that if you dropped Harvey, he wouldn't be the only pitcher dropped when the other owners hang onto their sluggers. That you wouldn't be dropping him (or Beachy) in a vacuum and that there would be plenty of other pitchers available in the re-draft. That unless a pitcher is a current ace like your Strasberg, other owners will be dropping most of their pitcher too.

      That is the hardest thing to keep in mind in a keeper league I think. Realizing your aren't alone in dropping good players. Good luck this season to you.

    • Sounds about right though I don't know the rest of your roster.

      Definitely Wilin Rosario absolutely 100% percent! He is being projected as high as 3rd after Posey and Mauer by some "experts". Even if that is too high, you still have a young, power hitting catcher who plays half his games at Coors giving you outfielder stats in a position some people give up on and punt. Can make a big difference weekly in head to head as a result where an extra HR or some RBIs make all the difference. Especially against those teams that punted on catching.

      Only question is should you take Beachy and squirrel him away. If so you would lose either Moustakas or Harvey. Probably Harvey because in a 6-8 keeper league you might be able to re-draft him given that most of your other owners would be hanging on to their position players too. Would anyone in your league grab Beachy and stash him on their DL earlier than taking Harvey is the question? In a dynasty league they would but don't know in a 6-8 keeper.


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