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  • 2C%L 2C%L Jan 21, 2013 11:12 AM Flag

    good deal?

    I give up Kinsler/Uehara. I get Morrow/Motte.

    16 team roto keeper-dynasty.

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    • very bad deal

    • Here's the problem with Motte, Trevor Rosenthal lies in the waits to take over the Closer role for long term for Stl. So Literallly by the end of the 1st month of the season you traded Kinsler/Uehara for Morrow with Motte out of the picture. Any, and I mean any stretch of struggle by Motte and Rosenthal is the closer. This guy knows this and it is why he's trying to dump him now on a sell high. To put it lightly, Kinsler's worth is that of 2nd or 3rd pick just because 2b has no depth. You should be asking for Cain/Price/Hamels/Felix/Gio/Weaver in return for Kinsler. That is his draft equivalent today.

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      • Brew, you make a solid argument, however, I am not convinced it's as clear cut that Rosenthal is the heir to close as he is also a strong rotation candidate as well. The premium on pitching in our league is insane, and nobody but nobody is dealing anything close to the likes of the top aces you mention for a guy whose career batting average hovers in the .250s, despite his above average power for the position and decent speed. Regardless of how his season goes this year, I view his best years behind him in a much weaker line-up that will deteriorate before improving, while I consider Morrow a bit of a late bloomer on top of being 4 years younger, has a great K/9 rate and a very good whip, now pitching with a real offense behind him... all tells me he's primed for big things. that said, I have Rosenthal (and Boggs) on my roster, so essentially I have the StL Closer situation covered from all angles, but I don;t see Motte losing his job this year at all, especially not the way he's been pitching since he took over. I could see him being traded, but I believe he would still remain a Closer somewhere as long as he continues to be effective. I think the value of 2B after Cano is pretty subjective depending on roster configuration, but having followed Kinsler closely for some time, I think his best days are gone and his decline will be more dramatic than most might anticipate (at least in power/speed). Thank you for the thoughtful input, I always appreciate good takes.

    • Depends if you have a second elite 2B on your roster like Cano or Pedroia. Otherwise no. 2B is scarce this season.

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      • Well actually no, the guy I have this deal in place with actually has Pedroia, lol. My thoughts are that Kinsler is now on the declining arc of his career... he is a year older, his power dropped significantly, his SBs also dropped off significantly, and the Rangers lost Hamilton who is a big factor in Kinsler's Runs scored. So taking into account that even if he had a rebound season, he still won't touch 2011 numbers, therefor I figured on securing a top flight Closer and pretty high-upside arm in Morrow. I have Bonifacio, who even if part-time and/or injured any length of time will double Kinsler's SB production and have compensated for the power at other positions.

    • not really


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