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  • Greenraven Greenraven Jan 21, 2013 4:36 PM Flag

    good deal?

    Depends if you have a second elite 2B on your roster like Cano or Pedroia. Otherwise no. 2B is scarce this season.

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    • Well actually no, the guy I have this deal in place with actually has Pedroia, lol. My thoughts are that Kinsler is now on the declining arc of his career... he is a year older, his power dropped significantly, his SBs also dropped off significantly, and the Rangers lost Hamilton who is a big factor in Kinsler's Runs scored. So taking into account that even if he had a rebound season, he still won't touch 2011 numbers, therefor I figured on securing a top flight Closer and pretty high-upside arm in Morrow. I have Bonifacio, who even if part-time and/or injured any length of time will double Kinsler's SB production and have compensated for the power at other positions.

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      • But Kinsler is still elite and isn't that long in the tooth and Texas still has a good hitting line-up. Whereas pitchers are fragile like glass and Morrow only gives you stats every 5th day and last year he looked like he turned the corner but that is not much of a track record. Closers come and go and yes Motte was good last season too but ... well I don't trust any pitcher to stay healthy over a position player.

        Funny the guy that wants Kinsler has Pedroia but with 2B so VERY scarce this season, he could be in the catbird seat for a future trade or assured that 2B still will be strong even if he loses one of these guys to injuries. I'm sure owners will be coming to him with amazing offers to get one of those two from him.

        But if you really want to trade away Kinsler (and I wouldn't), you should be able to get a far better deal than the one you were offered. Who do you have at 2B to replace Kinsler? I like Bonifacio and have him on several teams but I would never count on him as my full time 2B. He always gets injured it seems and if you kept Kinsler, Bonifacio could play OF or DH when you need those extra steals.


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