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  • Tye Tye Jan 21, 2013 12:25 AM Flag

    Help. I gotta keep 5.

    I have to keep 5 of these 7 guys. SB's is not a category.
    M. Cabrera
    H. Ramirez

    I am leaning towards Beltre, Cabrera, Cano, Ramirez and Stanton.
    Who would you keep and why?

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    • Is that melky Cabrera or Miguel Cabrera ?.... & this is easy




      Cutch ...cutch is better then Stanton he's a top 5 OF easy.. Gets SB , HR , AVR , RBI , OBP

      Stanton is easily the biggest power threat here but is a injury risk and gets in deep slumps which is why he's ranked like 55 th this year..

      Beltre... And beltre over hanram because beltre gives u consistency hanram does not . But hanram is the better stat guy..

    • Id try to deal two of them that you dont keep for Trout or Braun. Maybe Beltre/Hanley and McCutchen/Hamilton/Stanton for one of them. Gives you solid keeper
      Miggy, Cano, for sure. If you get Trout/Braun thats 3 solid. Then one of the OF and Beltre or two other OF or trade one of the McCutchen/Hammy/Stanton/Beltre/Hanley for a top P. But if you cant do anything id keep

      Miggy, Cano, McCutchen, Beltre and Hammy unless Stanton gets traded to a good team

    • I'd not take Hanley. I'm not a believer. If you knew you could trade Josh Hamilton if you kept him then take him. But to keep him? Well he has a serious substance abuse problem he is battling and where does he decide to go live and work? La-La Land. No temptations there, right? I hope he hangs tough but he isn't making it easy on himself in that environment.


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