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  • Clive Bixby Clive Bixby Jan 20, 2013 6:18 PM Flag

    Keeper League - I want Strasburg

    What would it take to get him? Im in an 11 team, 5 player keeper league. Here are my keepers:

    Justin Upton

    I also have Madison Bumgarner and Chris sale.

    My target will likely keep: Strasburg, McCutch, Zobrist, Votto, and Gio.

    Would Upton be enough? Hoping to do this pre-draft.

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    • Zobrist leaves room for improvement, so yes a two for one may work. Upton and Bumgarner/ Posey/sale would possibly get the job done. I personally would try to keep Bumgarner and Stras to go with Trout, Cargo and Longo.

    • not targeting trout as a keeper seems to me to be a losing concept. altho trying to meet your goals should be interesting, good luck, bob

    • posey

    • Trout is about it which means the price is too high. I don't trust the fragile arm of any pitcher to trade away anyone of the above other than Upton depending on where he lands. And with only 5 keepers per team there will be plenty of good pitchers out there in the re-draft. Don't get hung up on some "ace" who already was injured once in his young career.

      Everyday position players are more important in your format of only 5 keepers I think. The fact that you will be dumping Sale and Bumgarner shows there will be plenty of really really good pitching dumped by your fellow owners as well.

    • That's a big no. I think Strasburg is on the no trade level unless for a no trade level player itself.
      Trout,Posey but even Posey doesn't do it for me. You pair Sale with Longoria or Upton and I think that gets it done. Yeah that's the cost imo for Strasburg. He's top 3 pitcher potential which goes Kershaw,Verlander, him.
      Oh, and reading on his 5keepers are legit so sending 2 for 1 wont work as he'll be stuck dropping one anyway. Guess you suck it up and Offer Trout.


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