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  • Clive Bixby Clive Bixby Jan 19, 2013 10:07 AM Flag

    1st Base Help!

    Hello - Im in a 11 team points league where we keep 5. As deep as the position seems to be, I have not had a 1st base keeper in a number of years. This year my keepers are Trout, Cargo, Longo, Justin Upton and Buster Posey. I would like to draft "the next big thing" in first basemen.

    Most of the usual suspects will be kept (Votto, Pujols, Prince, etc). I think Goldy, Rizzo, and Ike will be available in the first or second round after we take keepers out of the equation. Who do you think will be the next really good offensive 1Ber? Also, when should I target them? Im guessing I need a pitcher with my first pick (back end of the first round).

    Any help?

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    • Don't overlook...
      Allen Craig - StL
      Darrin Ruf - Phi
      Mark Trumbo - LAA

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      • Don't think Mark Trumbo is 1B eligible this season. He only played OF with a few starts at 3B last season and none at 1B that I recall thanks to some guy named Albert those Angels seemed to want to put at first instead. :-)

        I could be wrong but I have him on a team and was watching him like a hawk last season hoping he'd get a chance to retain that eligibility with a few fill in games but no such luck.

        I agree Craig would be a really good pick-up. Ruf in the late rounds isn't bad either.

    • Take Goldy if he is available. He is a 5 category producer and young.

    • Billy Butler,Freddie Freeman,Eric Hosmer are the guys I would be targeting at 1B if there still there in the 3rd-5th round I would take them if you want a 1B that bad if not wait on someone like Nick Swisher or Adam Laroche. Also follow me on twitter at mlbmayhem

    • I'd take Goldschmidt. He's in a hitters park and in a better hitting line-up than Rizzo. He also had 18 steals last year as a bonus.

      Unless you do NOT have batting average as a stat, don't take Ike. He will kill you there. I had him on a dynasty team I took over last year and because of that avg (sometimes dipping below .200 for several weeks at a stretch) he ended up on my bench then pow, 3 homers in a game. Aggravating. And he does seem to hit those homers in clumps and can go long stretches without any too. Happy was the day I made a trade to get Goldy with Ike on the bench/DH slot (when he gets into a streak) now.

      I also have Rizzo on my other dynasty team so I followed these 3 guys a lot last season. I like Rizzo a lot but his RBI stats will be hurting a bit until the Cubs get a better line-up. That's why I'd take Goldy over him but I'd be happy to have either on my team.

    • I agree with posters above me. Butler is one that can be overlooked as a Keeper. I'd then look at Howard who still mashed 22HRs last year.
      Victor Martinez? I think he's 1b eligible.

    • I'm pretty much in the same boat as you in terms of not having a 1b keep. Ill probably take a chance on Rizzo, his numbers were decent last year and seems like he has the most upside of the guys youll be considering.


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