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  • Greenraven Greenraven Jan 21, 2013 5:24 PM Flag

    1st Base Help!

    Don't think Mark Trumbo is 1B eligible this season. He only played OF with a few starts at 3B last season and none at 1B that I recall thanks to some guy named Albert those Angels seemed to want to put at first instead. :-)

    I could be wrong but I have him on a team and was watching him like a hawk last season hoping he'd get a chance to retain that eligibility with a few fill in games but no such luck.

    I agree Craig would be a really good pick-up. Ruf in the late rounds isn't bad either.

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    • Greenraven you may be right... I have Senor Trumbo in my keeper dynasty... I thought he managed 5 fill-in games at 1B, but I could be mistaken, however, with Morales in Seattle now, I would not be surprised if Trumbo met the minimum this season even if he doesn't start the year with 1B eligibility. I like your posts dude, you have good takes.

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      • Thanks, likewise too regards your posts.

        Yep I thought he started 5 at 3B too. I remember I was waiting forever for him to get that 3B eligibility too.

        And good point on Kendrys gone. Totally forgot he was getting the 1B back-up last season. With Trumbo being slated more as a DH he could well get to play 1B when Albert gets a day off or does a DH or two himself. Thanks for reminding me!! I have no 1B back-up for Rizzo on that dynasty team so having Trumbo re-gain 1B eligibility would be great insurance for me.