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  • American Dreams American Dreams Jan 18, 2013 5:42 PM Flag

    Keep 7

    This is the 1st year we are doing a keeper league and we are keeping 7 players from last years teams. Whom would you keep from this team? It's a 10 Team H2H league with the standard 5x5 catagories but we use Total bases on offense and Losses for pitching.
    C- Mike Napoli
    1B- Ryan Howard
    2B- Brandon Phillips
    3B- Brett Lawrie
    SS- Troy Tulowitski
    LF- Adam Dunn
    CF- Andrew McCutchen
    RF- Chris Davis
    UT- Mike Trout
    UT- Austin Jackson
    BN- Danny Espinoza
    BN- Jayson Werth
    BN- Willin Rosario
    SP- Justin Verlander
    SP- David Price
    RP- Joe Nathan
    RP- Glenn Perkins
    P- Josh Beckett
    P- AJ Burnett
    P- Jeremy Helickson
    P- Chris Carpenter
    BN- Josh Johnson
    BN- Lance Lynn

    Definitely keeping these 5: McCutchen, Trout, Verlander, Price, & Tulowitski, but not sure on the other 2. Howard and Lawrie are what I'm leaning for the other 2 spots, thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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    • Keep Napoli not Howard.
      Napoli will put up great numbers in BOS. Plus he's going to play 1B which might enable him to be a fantasy C with 550AB+ (rare)

      I see Napoli at 550AB .280-35-95 aka Top fantasy C 2013

    • Rosario & Lawrie. You will hate yourself if you don't keep Wilin.

    • 1. Mike Trout
      2. Andrew McCutchen
      3. Troy Tulowitzki
      4. Justin Verlander
      5. David Price
      6. Brandon Phillips
      7. Brett Lawrie

      Very nice squad to build off! Good luck this season.

    • Your 5 plus Phillips and Johnson.If Jo doesn't get hurt he is worth the risk and I'd probably go with Phillips as 2B is kind of down and he is not bad. Lawrie played well for 1/2 year. I need to see him do it again. Davis is a consideration. Maybe he figured it out last year.

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      • Revisiting this, go over what your League is Keeping. Or study who they are likely to keep.
        Then you can also decide how you want to plan your team in stats. A Howard keep is leaning on RBIs and HRs and I'd Keep Lawrie setting your 1b/3b. If you want to keep Phillips I'd pair it with Jackson and you're setting your Runs category BA/OB as well. Lawrie is such a wildcard, I don't know where he's going to bat. 6th/7th leaves him with many 4PA games vs 5.
        Jackson for the lack of love is entering 26aged year atop a very potent lineup behind him. Looking at him more I'm probably going to target him he hit 16HRs last year! a trend upward and just may see him go 20/20.
        Rosario, like Lawrie, where does he bat. 4/5 and there is strong consideration for him. 6/7 and I'd take Jackson over him. and choose Howard.
        in Combining your team with McCutch/Trout mixing Jackson for Runs added BA and 15/15 I like Howard to complement in HRs/RBIs.
        But, if you can hold off on when to assign the Keepers Rosario/Lawrie's Lineup positions in the top 5 in lineup can flip them over Howard since you can consider them Keepers as well. It's just that guys like a Trout are likely to come along say Taveras/Zunino who you get off waivers, planning on all 7Keepers being your Keepers next year won't work. Throwing in an aged player like Howard for this season makes it easy to let him go next year. Either way that first 5 are top notch and enviable that you have the ability to choose without much concern that they will kill your team by not hitting who you choose.

    • your 5 plus phillips and lawrie. nice group good luck, bob

    • I agree with your five but I wouldn't take Ryan Howard. I think his best years are over and as others have said, you could maybe get Goldy or Hosmer or Butler or even Craig. Also there are a number of outfielders who have 1B eligibility.

      I'd actually keep Wilin Rosario. I think he'll hit more homers than Ryan Howard easily and he may end up just below Posey and Mauer when all is said and done. A catcher who can give you outfielder stats is a major bonus. Also young so he could become a keeper for years to come. And I promise you if you drop him you are unlikely to get him back in the re-draft.

      Seventh either Brandon Philips or Brett Lawrie. 2B is probably the more scarce position but everyone is saying you can get Josh Rutledge late in a draft. Trouble is everyone is saying that so he might not be available late. 3B is deeper I think over all.

      Also you are not doing this in a vacuum. Go to your old team online and from there you can access your opponents' rosters. Look them over and mentally play owner with each of them and see who you would keep. Then look at who might be available in the re-draft.

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      • Thanks for the response, I've thought about keeping Rosario, he was huge for me after I traded away Greinke for Napoli and Teixeira and they never really produced. Really wish I never made that trade, ended up cutting Tex in the playoffs and Napoli was worthless except for the playoffs. At least I traded Andrew Bailey, Trumbo and my 15th round pick for this years draft before the season started for Trout, Helickson and his 10th round pick this year. Rosario's numbers were very good but he really didn't play very often, his defense is horrible and I am nervous about that costing him playing time or eventually his job. He'd be a decent 1B but not a keeper there. Guess I better watch how he does behind the plate in the spring!

    • Well in terms of relative draft positions only Phillips would rate in a 6/7th rd. pick The others are all players who would be 8th rd or later in this year's draft. So, if you can keep just 6 and then get an added pick before the real draft I'd do that. I mean I guess Lawrie is in the top 7rounds but that's more on lack of 3b and the high of him repeating 2011 numbers. 7 is an awful lot of Keepers for a League. I'm used to 4-6. You could skip Phillips too, a secret 2b pick I'm on this year is Josh Rutledge who since Tulo is back should move to 2b and leadoff. Playing for Colorado, he's a surefire 15/15 and likely .275+ hitter. Batting ahead Tulo and Cargo has to also put him in that 80+Runs scored. So then you can go Howard and Lawrie let go aging Phillips who I think Rutledge is comparable to only on the youth side in a hitters ballpark.

    • I say Lawrie and Philips, you can prob get a 1B like Goldy/Butler/Hosmer or even redraft Howard


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