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  • American Dreams American Dreams Jan 31, 2013 12:58 PM Flag

    Keep 7


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    • Revisiting this, go over what your League is Keeping. Or study who they are likely to keep.
      Then you can also decide how you want to plan your team in stats. A Howard keep is leaning on RBIs and HRs and I'd Keep Lawrie setting your 1b/3b. If you want to keep Phillips I'd pair it with Jackson and you're setting your Runs category BA/OB as well. Lawrie is such a wildcard, I don't know where he's going to bat. 6th/7th leaves him with many 4PA games vs 5.
      Jackson for the lack of love is entering 26aged year atop a very potent lineup behind him. Looking at him more I'm probably going to target him he hit 16HRs last year! a trend upward and just may see him go 20/20.
      Rosario, like Lawrie, where does he bat. 4/5 and there is strong consideration for him. 6/7 and I'd take Jackson over him. and choose Howard.
      in Combining your team with McCutch/Trout mixing Jackson for Runs added BA and 15/15 I like Howard to complement in HRs/RBIs.
      But, if you can hold off on when to assign the Keepers Rosario/Lawrie's Lineup positions in the top 5 in lineup can flip them over Howard since you can consider them Keepers as well. It's just that guys like a Trout are likely to come along say Taveras/Zunino who you get off waivers, planning on all 7Keepers being your Keepers next year won't work. Throwing in an aged player like Howard for this season makes it easy to let him go next year. Either way that first 5 are top notch and enviable that you have the ability to choose without much concern that they will kill your team by not hitting who you choose.

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      • Thanks for your input, I like the angles you look at it from. My only concern with keeping Jackson who I have thought a lot about keeping is his CF only eligibilty. I'm not sure Trout will have LF,CF and RF availabilty again this year and if he's only CF eligible then I would be keeping 3 CF only players. Guess I should wait until I see what player position eligibilties will be before I make this decision as well as seeing where everyone's predicted lineup spots will be. I tried to offer McCutchen and Phillips for Stanton and then I would have kept Jackson and Lawrie and then dropped Howard but that trade was rejected.


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