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  • Greenraven Greenraven Jan 24, 2013 4:11 PM Flag

    Keep 7

    Rosario didn't play that much because of the former Rockies manager who lived in Platoonsville. He made a mess of many an owner of any number of Colorado players. But he is gone. And Rosario is an elite bat. I think he will get lots more playing time this year. 28 home runs in less than two-thirds of a season's worth of ABs can't be ignored. And with aged vet Helton announcing he is back for one more year, he might get some 1B action too as old folks Todd will need his rest. Also Rosario gives classic 1B slugger numbers and Helton doesn't.

    Now that is mere hopeful speculation on my part but seems also logical given the trend over the last decade to doing this with good hitting catchers like Mauer, Posey, Carlos Santana, Napoli etc. Heck before his injury and the trade for Fielder, V-Mart was pretty much slated to move from catcher to regular 1B because he can't catch well either. And he is slated as their DH this year. He is the classic case of a poor defensive catcher getting his AB's.

    I think Rosario may be the next V-Mart catcher ... a rapidly growing group of either older (got to save those legs) or younger, poor defensive catchers whose bats are way to valuable to be pulled from the line-up.


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