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  • BrewCrewDue BrewCrewDue Jan 20, 2013 7:40 PM Flag

    Keep 7

    Well in terms of relative draft positions only Phillips would rate in a 6/7th rd. pick The others are all players who would be 8th rd or later in this year's draft. So, if you can keep just 6 and then get an added pick before the real draft I'd do that. I mean I guess Lawrie is in the top 7rounds but that's more on lack of 3b and the high of him repeating 2011 numbers. 7 is an awful lot of Keepers for a League. I'm used to 4-6. You could skip Phillips too, a secret 2b pick I'm on this year is Josh Rutledge who since Tulo is back should move to 2b and leadoff. Playing for Colorado, he's a surefire 15/15 and likely .275+ hitter. Batting ahead Tulo and Cargo has to also put him in that 80+Runs scored. So then you can go Howard and Lawrie let go aging Phillips who I think Rutledge is comparable to only on the youth side in a hitters ballpark.


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