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    Trade help!!

    I was offered Jose Bautista, Bryce Harper, Jean Segura and Tommy Hanson for Joey Votto and ole Hamels. This is for my dynasty league where we keep every player every year.

    I already have guys like Verlaner, Greinke, Fister, Cahill, Iwakuma as my starters.

    My star studded offensive lineup has Pujols, Hamilton, Trumbo, Kemp, Wright and Votto!

    Please let me know if you think this is a good deal for me.

    Thanks guys

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    • I'm curious which 2 players you will drop,and the size of your league (Just because your team is so stacked;It makes me think you must be in a really small league.).I would offer Hamilton instead of Votto,and see how that goes.Hamilton has had major drug addiction problems in the past that could reoccur with the pressures of a new huge contract,and the pressures of playing in L.A.(Remember how Pujols started out last season with his new huge contract for L.A.?).
      I'd also offer the 2 players you are going to drop along with Hamilton & Hamels;It's an old fantasy trick that
      makes opponents think they are getting a better deal.I love Bautiista going forward,especially if he has 3rd base eligibility,but with Wright you don't need to worry too much about that.Also,with the new in-season HGH testing in MLB,you gotta wonder who's gonna get busted;It wouldn't surprise me a bit if Hamilton is 1 of them.

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      • It's a 10 team league with 30 man rosters. The guys i would probably drop are Omar Infante and Mark Reynolds. Like if i did this deal would it help my team out. I would be giving up John Axford as well i forgot to put him in the deal.

        C - Brian McCann (ATL - C)
        1B - Albert Pujols (LAA - 1B)
        2B - Howie Kendrick (LAA - 2B)
        SS - Erick Aybar (LAA - SS)
        3B - David Wright (NYM - 3B)
        OF - Matt Kemp (LAD - OF)
        OF - Mark Trumbo (LAA - OF)
        OF - Josh Hamilton (LAA - OF)
        UTIL - Joey Votto (CIN - 1B)
        UTIL - Kendrys Morales (SEA - 1B)

        SP - Justin Verlander (DET - SP)
        SP - Zack Greinke (LAD - SP)
        SP - Cole Hamels (PHI - SP)
        SP - Doug Fister (DET - SP)
        SP - Trevor Cahill (ARI - SP)
        RP - Craig Kimbrel (ATL - CL)
        RP - Jim Johnson (BAL - CL)
        P - Mariano Rivera (NYY - CL)
        P - Ryan Madson (LAA - RP)
        P - Ryan Vogelsong (SF - SP)

        B - Hisashi Iwakuma (SEA - SP)
        B - Mike Adams (PHI - RP)
        B - Heath Bell (ARI - RP)
        B - John Axford (MIL - CL)
        B - Brian Wilson (FA - RP)
        B - Pedro Strop (BAL - RP)
        B - Coco Crisp (OAK - OF)
        B - Omar Infante (DET - 2B)
        B - Josh Willingham (MIN - OF)
        B - Mark Reynolds (CLE - 1B)

        Thats my whole roster right there

      • Bautista will not have 3B eligibility and with Lawrie in tow as well as better fielding backup options, he probably never will again. Bautista would concern me way more with regards to PEDs than Hamilton... unless you count white lightening as a PED, lol.

    • I'd do it. You not only have Morales who can play first and back Pujols with Votto gone but Trumbo should be re-qualified at 1B with Morales moving to Seattle and Pujols needing a few days off and switching with Trumbo and DH-ing a little too. So Trumbo can back Pujols too and Harper and Joey Bats are added.

      Hamels is good but you got to give to get and Philly is on a downward spiral so short term at least his Wins may suffer. And there are always new pitchers coming up out of the woodwork it seems like Kris Medlen last year.

    • accept that trade and trade morales and mccann for a better catcher

    • Counter with someone else beside Hanson. Any other pitcher even a small upgrade or equal to Hanson. He's a checkered injury risk which being a dynasty I can see him hurt and done for life, a product of Atl home games and now resides in the AL which should already add .5 to his era and reduce his K/9 by .5 since not facing pitchers.
      I'm with the others, Offer Pujols or Hamilton over Votto too. not just because Votto is better, but because you need to breakup that Angels heavy lineup you have. Bad funks or running in to a week's worth of aces can set you up for automatic loss weeks h2h.

    • it's a fair deal. If you consider that Votto and Harper are comparable as far as top level talent, that leaves Hamels for the other three. I like Segura long term, and bautista for the next 2-3 years. Hanson not so much but could work out. I would do it.

      First though I would try to substitute pujols or hamilton in place of votto.

    • ide go for it if i was you.. you get two young top prospects and your roster is stacked, but old....


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