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  • Chris Chris Jan 17, 2013 12:23 PM Flag

    Trade help!!

    I was offered longoria and a 3rd pick for cutch and a late rd pick this is a keeper league we keep 3 guys one has to be a sp my keepers now are cutch and Stanton should I accept? 12h2h

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    • I see it is the extra 3rd round pick that seems to have you hung up. If you only keep 3, I wouldn't think an extra 3rd rounder is that big of a deal. Only his 1st round pick might be tempting.

      Andrew McCutchen is the long-sought 5 tool guy who is still young. Keep him.

      With only 2 batting keepers per team there will be plenty of good 3B in re-draft. Maybe not Miggy but perhaps everyone else. Quite a few I'd take over Longoria period because of his injury history.

      Longoria always makes me think of a highly strung thoroughbred horse. Fast out of the gate but "frail looking" as in only one second away from breaking his ankle and being "put down" ... in this case not forever but for months at a time. I'd rather have someone like Aramis Ramirez on my team at 3B. Beltre might even be available to you are given only 2 hitter keepers. (Check the other owner's rosters and see who the Beltre owner might be keeping, this is not done in a vacuum. You have to look over the other owner's rosters too).

      Heck I'd even rather have the recovered from injury Middlebrooks over the soon to get injured again Longoria. Or take a chance that Chase Headley is for real. Or Lawrie will bounce back. Or Panda is still good to go. or ... whoever. There are plenty of 3B out there this season. Just not real 5-tool outfielders anymore.

      As for Hanley, I can't stand his inconsistency and his attitude that gets him into endless trouble myself. Last year's stats were fine IF you don't have BA counted. He's up and down in one category or the other. No way I'd give up 5-tool McCutchen for him ever.

    • Clear this up for everyone. Is this a trade amongst your 1st rd pick? After keepers, you get the 3rd pick he gets the 10/11/12 pick? Or is this a 3rd Round pick for something like a 10th Round pick? Because to me if it's just trading away a pick within a round for players around equal value at their position, I do it. I really do it if it's a 3rd round pick you gain for a later Round pick.

      In the 3rd pick vs. 10/11/12 pick scenario, you gotta figure out what players are going to be kept, and what players are likely to be picked then with top 15 picks. There's going to be guys with Trout/Gio/Harper and such who will have to drop one of their top 3 rd picks of last year to keep them. So, you may see elite players to draft in top 5picks not there at 10.

    • Get his 1st RD pick and pull the trigger, otherwise stand pat.

    • I have Longo, and would be excited if someone offered me Cutch (even if I had to give up a 3d round). I think Longo is becoming a little too injury prone. Didnt he have surgery on his hammy in November?

    • it's a little risky given longo's health issues, but I'd do it. Cutch is a nice player, a solid late 2nd rd pick but longo is better...when healthy, and you are getting a 3rd pick.

    • Nah, not unless it's changed to a 5th or 6th round pick.


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