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  • BrewCrewDue BrewCrewDue Jan 22, 2013 9:46 PM Flag

    Trade help!!

    Clear this up for everyone. Is this a trade amongst your 1st rd pick? After keepers, you get the 3rd pick he gets the 10/11/12 pick? Or is this a 3rd Round pick for something like a 10th Round pick? Because to me if it's just trading away a pick within a round for players around equal value at their position, I do it. I really do it if it's a 3rd round pick you gain for a later Round pick.

    In the 3rd pick vs. 10/11/12 pick scenario, you gotta figure out what players are going to be kept, and what players are likely to be picked then with top 15 picks. There's going to be guys with Trout/Gio/Harper and such who will have to drop one of their top 3 rd picks of last year to keep them. So, you may see elite players to draft in top 5picks not there at 10.


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