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  • Chevy Man 22 Chevy Man 22 Jan 15, 2013 11:48 PM Flag

    Keeper Suggestions Wanted

    Taking over a team and I have an idea of who I'm keeping but I want to get an idea of what others would do to see if I'm on the same page or reading a different book. lol

    It's a ESPN HTH 16 team Points League we get to keep 5

    (DTD = Ended the year on the DL) I assume anyhow as we have 3 DL spots and those are the 3 guys with that by their name. lol

    Russell Martin, Pit C
    Paul Goldschmidt, Ari 1B
    Rickie Weeks, Mil 2B
    David Wright, NYM 3B
    Jimmy Rollins, Phi SS
    David DeJesus, ChC OF
    Chris Davis, Bal 3B, 1B, OF, DH
    Carlos Gomez, Mil OF
    John Jaso, Sea C, DH
    Evan Longoria, TB 3B, DH
    Howard Kendrick, LAA 2B, OF
    Lucas Duda, NYM 1B, OF DTD
    Johnny Giavotella, KC 2B
    Jon Jay, StL OF
    Gio Gonzalez, Wsh SP
    Jason Vargas, LAA SP
    Wade Davis, KC SP, RP
    Kyle Kendrick, Phi SP, RP
    Jeff Karstens, FA SP
    John Axford, Mil RP
    Kyle Farnsworth, FA RP
    Chris Perez, Cle RP
    Dillon Gee, NYM SP DTD
    Blake Beavan, Sea SP
    Scott Feldman, ChC RP, SP
    Michael Pineda, NYY SP DTD
    Neftali Feliz, Tex RP, SP
    Dallas Braden, FA SP

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    • Goldy, Wright, Longo, Gio, Jimmy Rollins

    • I agree with Longo, Wright, Gio, Goldschmidt. And behind door number 5 is ... well I wouldn;t sweat it with only 5 keepers. Other owners will probably drop better players than your 5th pick to be honest. In fact IF it gives you a round higher in the re-draft -- don';t know how yours work -- I'd only keep 4. If not then, hmmm...

      2B and SS are scarce positions and Rollins isn't bad though I'd try to trade him while drafting someone like Josh Rutledge say later in the draft. So I'd throw Howie Kendricks into the mix. 2B and OF eligible and pretty solid. Chris Davis went ballistic in September. Has he turned the corner? That's a gamblers keeper I guess. I really like young Carlos Gomez probably the best of this lot but he will be available for re-draft I'm sure. Suggestion about keeping Chris Perez is a good one too.

      I'd lean to a solid, consistent Howie Kendricks probably cause Weeks was pretty bad last year and 2B is the scarce position this season. And if you get another 2B, he can play OF for you too at least in Yahoo leagues.

    • It's fairly simple with the usual suspects in play... Longo, Wright, Gio, Goldschmidt, and as #5 I can't complain about Bob's choice of Rollins, but personally, I would roll with Chris Perez to secure at least 1 Closer.

    • Obvious keepers are Longo,Gio,Wright. Then you have Goldschmidt. And I would go either way of Weeks or Rollins. As a Brewer fan expect Weeks to bat 2nd or 5th early with Hart out. He had a down year Babip by over 20pts to his avg last year and at minimum should be a .255+avg with his OB being around .340 since he walks in 10% PA. When it comes to SS, Rollins is on the downtrend while quite a few SS are entering the League(Profar,Machado,Segura,Rutledge) to name a few who should grow and be keeper considerations long term. When it comes to 2b I don't see it as deep or with potential Prospect fillouts midyear #$%$. Franklin and Bogaerts potentially.

    • wright,longoria,rollins,goldschmidt, and gio gonzalez. good luck, bob


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