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  • Durf Durf Jan 14, 2013 4:56 PM Flag

    Help With Keepers!

    I get to keep up to 5, I will be keeping Trout in the 12th round plus 4 of the below. H2H 12 players with standard positions and standard stats plus OBP for hitting and K/BB for pitching.

    Which 4 do I keep (round in parenthesis)?
    Bourn (3rd)
    Wieters (5th)
    Moore (6th)
    Gio Gonzalez (8th)
    Butler (9th)
    Dunn (10th)
    Chapman (11th or higher)
    Medlen (11th or higher)
    Ruiz (11th or higher)
    Goldschmidt (11th or higher)
    Profar (11th or higher)
    Jesus Montero (11th or higher)

    Right now, i'm leaning towards Gio, Butler, Medlen (11th), and Goldschmidt (10th).

    I know the following catchers are likely to be kept: Posey, Mauer, Santana, Miguel Montero, Molina, Rosario. That makes me tempted to keep Wieters, but I tend to draft catchers late (I had traded for Wieters and Jesus Montero towards the end of last season).

    I also don't know about keeping two 1B, so I might go with Chapman over Goldschmidt (Butler's OBP is nice to have in this league). Will Dunn qualify for OF to start the season? If so, he might be worth keeping in the 10th round.

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    • IF I kept a catcher I'd keep Jesus Montero over Weiters. 11th round (Montero) gives you back the 5th round you'd lose with Weiters and I think that is pretty big. And big just not for this season. And no real loss on offense I'd say. Safeco is moving their fences in so Montero should do fine at home now. Having said that, with only 5 keepers there will be some decent catchers in the re-draft anyway.

      Also I'd only keep one SP max if any. With only 5 keepers and OTHER owners keeping their top sluggers, there will be plenty of SP to choose from. Given your lack of hitters, maybe keeping Gio or Medlen or Moore isn't too bad an idea. I like Medlen, again cause of the 11th round thing.

      The no brainers for me are Goldschmidt and Butler along with Trout. Which means you can trade one of them later. I like Goldy better long term but in a 5 keeper league probably not that important.

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      • Thank you for your thoughts! I'd like to keep 0 pitchers if I had 5 good hitters to keep in a good round. I had Tex and Tulo and the end of last year, both were round 1 draft picks, so I can't keep either. I could keep HanRam in round 1, Phillips in 2, or Choo in 3, but none of those are values.

        I don't think I'll keep a catcher for the reasons you mentioned. So, if Trout, Butler and Goldy are my locks, I'm choosing between Gio, Medlen, Chapman and Profar for my last 2.

        I think I'm pretty set right now with Trout, Butler, Goldy, Gio, and Medlen, with the hopes of drafting Profar in the 13th or later.

    • gio, chapman, medlen, goldschmidt - those are your biggest bangs for your bucks/draft placement.

    • Moore, Gio, Butler, Goldschmidt. I could see making a case for chapman too. Profar if it's a competitive league would be snatched up quick in the draft. If he's a starter next year he's definately top 50 for 2014. don't know your leagues history with drafting prospects though.

      If he's available I'd go Votto (if those you say are gone). I know it's 1b heavy but you can always trade.

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      • If I keep Butler and Goldy, and draft a Votto/Fielder/A-Gon in the first round, it gives me security that Goldy will pan out, and if he does, I could trade Votto/Fielder/A-Gon for a nice package for sure!

        Not a bad idea Slappy...still hoping for either Cano or Longoria 1st round though.

      • Thanks for the input Slappy! Harper and Trout were drafted last year in the late teens, I don't think Profar would be picked in the first 12 rounds unless Yahoo! ranks him relatively high this year (in which that might change my mind).

        I read that the requirement to keep the previous year position eligibility that the player must have appeared in 10 games at that position. I think that eliminates Dunn as an OF, which in turn has me crossing him off the list. I also have decided not to go with Wieters (I might be able to still draft him in the 5th round).

        I'm thinking Trout, Butler, Gio, and Medlen are definites. Final pick will come from Goldy (10th round), Moore (6th round), and Chapman (10th round). If Profar gets a top 180 ranking from Yahoo, then he might be in the picture as well.

    • Thanks guys, very helpful conversations! I think Profar is out of the picture b/c I should be able to draft him in at least the 13th round, if not later.

      Here's some more food for thought, I have a 40% chance at the 5th overall draft pick every round, and at worse, I'll have the 8th pick every round.

      Here are the 12 players that cannot be kept for 2013: Cabrera, Kemp, Braun, Pujols, Cano, Votto, A-Gon, Longoria, Fielder, Tulo, Upton, Tex.

      I'm assuming Cabrera and Kemp will be gone for sure by the 5th pick. I'm hoping to get Cano or Longoria in the first round, but if both are taken along with Kemp and Braun, I'll most likely be getting one of Votto, A-Gon or Fielder.

      Probably a good reason not to keep both Butler and Goldy.

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      • Good input. My ranking of those players for picks would be:Braun,Cabrera,Kemp,Votto,Cano,Pujols,Tulo,Fielder,Longoria,A-Gon,Upton,Tex.
        I'd keep Butler still but definitely not keep Goldy and shoot for Votto,Fielder,Pujols. You can keep Profar then as well. Draft Machado and or Taveras as late rd pick this year who you can tier up long term should they be Trout like in performance and suddenly are top 50players after this year alone.

    • Trout Dunn butler medlen & Gio

      Medlen"s ranking has sky rocketed he's atlantas best Sp ithink ... so he's a deff IMO & and butler is like top 20 this year in rankings so I think he's a must other than that its a toss-up between Gio and Moore and yeah I seem to hold of on C early last year there were very solid C's through out the year. Wieters is solid so ur discussion on keeping weiters or Gio but that's my top 5 there.

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      • What's your thinking on Dunn over Moore and Weiters? If he'll be eligible in the OF, I'll give him more thought, but if it's only 1B/UTIL, I won't be keeping him.

        40 HRs are good, but with his average dragging the last couple of years, it's been lowering his OBP as well. I'm thinking I could still draft him in the 7-10 round period.

    • Gio Gonzalez & Aroldis Chapman.. 8th and 11th round for two lefty SP that will win you 15+ games and strikeout around 200

    • Keep Moore! His potential is a David Price. Gonzalez,Butler, and any one of the other 11rd picks (Medlin/Chapman imo).
      Then draft Lucroy/TDA/Salvadore Perez at catcher.

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      • Thanks for the suggestion, Moore doesn't seem quite as a steal in round 6, although it will be more like a round 4/mid 4 pick due to all the other keepers later on in the draft. In general, I usually don't draft starters before round 8 or so, just b/c of the depth of the position.

        If for some reason Chapman is put back into the closer role by mid Spring Training, I will definitely keep him. But, I'm going under the assumption right now that he will be a starter.

        The other part of this selection determination involves keeping players in 2014. We can keep players 1 round earlier than the year before with a max round of 12 (i.e., any players drafted after round 12 or were a waiver wire must be kept in round 12 or lower, hence Trout is my round 12 keeper this year). So keeping someone like Chapman in round 11 vs. Moore in round 6 means I could keep Chapman in round 10 next year versus Moore would be a round 5.


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