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  • Greenraven Greenraven Jan 21, 2013 4:32 PM Flag

    Help With Keepers!

    IF I kept a catcher I'd keep Jesus Montero over Weiters. 11th round (Montero) gives you back the 5th round you'd lose with Weiters and I think that is pretty big. And big just not for this season. And no real loss on offense I'd say. Safeco is moving their fences in so Montero should do fine at home now. Having said that, with only 5 keepers there will be some decent catchers in the re-draft anyway.

    Also I'd only keep one SP max if any. With only 5 keepers and OTHER owners keeping their top sluggers, there will be plenty of SP to choose from. Given your lack of hitters, maybe keeping Gio or Medlen or Moore isn't too bad an idea. I like Medlen, again cause of the 11th round thing.

    The no brainers for me are Goldschmidt and Butler along with Trout. Which means you can trade one of them later. I like Goldy better long term but in a 5 keeper league probably not that important.

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    • Thank you for your thoughts! I'd like to keep 0 pitchers if I had 5 good hitters to keep in a good round. I had Tex and Tulo and the end of last year, both were round 1 draft picks, so I can't keep either. I could keep HanRam in round 1, Phillips in 2, or Choo in 3, but none of those are values.

      I don't think I'll keep a catcher for the reasons you mentioned. So, if Trout, Butler and Goldy are my locks, I'm choosing between Gio, Medlen, Chapman and Profar for my last 2.

      I think I'm pretty set right now with Trout, Butler, Goldy, Gio, and Medlen, with the hopes of drafting Profar in the 13th or later.


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