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  • Slappytheclown Slappytheclown Jan 16, 2013 12:54 PM Flag

    Help With Keepers!

    Moore, Gio, Butler, Goldschmidt. I could see making a case for chapman too. Profar if it's a competitive league would be snatched up quick in the draft. If he's a starter next year he's definately top 50 for 2014. don't know your leagues history with drafting prospects though.

    If he's available I'd go Votto (if those you say are gone). I know it's 1b heavy but you can always trade.

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    • Thanks for the input Slappy! Harper and Trout were drafted last year in the late teens, I don't think Profar would be picked in the first 12 rounds unless Yahoo! ranks him relatively high this year (in which that might change my mind).

      I read that the requirement to keep the previous year position eligibility that the player must have appeared in 10 games at that position. I think that eliminates Dunn as an OF, which in turn has me crossing him off the list. I also have decided not to go with Wieters (I might be able to still draft him in the 5th round).

      I'm thinking Trout, Butler, Gio, and Medlen are definites. Final pick will come from Goldy (10th round), Moore (6th round), and Chapman (10th round). If Profar gets a top 180 ranking from Yahoo, then he might be in the picture as well.

    • If I keep Butler and Goldy, and draft a Votto/Fielder/A-Gon in the first round, it gives me security that Goldy will pan out, and if he does, I could trade Votto/Fielder/A-Gon for a nice package for sure!

      Not a bad idea Slappy...still hoping for either Cano or Longoria 1st round though.


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