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  • Durf Durf Jan 16, 2013 12:12 PM Flag

    Help With Keepers!

    Thanks guys, very helpful conversations! I think Profar is out of the picture b/c I should be able to draft him in at least the 13th round, if not later.

    Here's some more food for thought, I have a 40% chance at the 5th overall draft pick every round, and at worse, I'll have the 8th pick every round.

    Here are the 12 players that cannot be kept for 2013: Cabrera, Kemp, Braun, Pujols, Cano, Votto, A-Gon, Longoria, Fielder, Tulo, Upton, Tex.

    I'm assuming Cabrera and Kemp will be gone for sure by the 5th pick. I'm hoping to get Cano or Longoria in the first round, but if both are taken along with Kemp and Braun, I'll most likely be getting one of Votto, A-Gon or Fielder.

    Probably a good reason not to keep both Butler and Goldy.

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    • Good input. My ranking of those players for picks would be:Braun,Cabrera,Kemp,Votto,Cano,Pujols,Tulo,Fielder,Longoria,A-Gon,Upton,Tex.
      I'd keep Butler still but definitely not keep Goldy and shoot for Votto,Fielder,Pujols. You can keep Profar then as well. Draft Machado and or Taveras as late rd pick this year who you can tier up long term should they be Trout like in performance and suddenly are top 50players after this year alone.

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      • Thanks for the advise, I'm really interested to see where Profar ranks to start the year. Still might take the risk that I could draft Profar in the 13th round.

        I have Machado on my radar, but I'm afraid that he might rank fairly high already this year that he won't be a late round pick.

        Cano is going to be hard for me to pass on if he's available at my draft slot.


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