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  • BrewCrewDue BrewCrewDue Jan 14, 2013 9:56 PM Flag

    Help With Keepers!

    Keep Moore! His potential is a David Price. Gonzalez,Butler, and any one of the other 11rd picks (Medlin/Chapman imo).
    Then draft Lucroy/TDA/Salvadore Perez at catcher.

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    • Thanks for the suggestion, Moore doesn't seem quite as a steal in round 6, although it will be more like a round 4/mid 4 pick due to all the other keepers later on in the draft. In general, I usually don't draft starters before round 8 or so, just b/c of the depth of the position.

      If for some reason Chapman is put back into the closer role by mid Spring Training, I will definitely keep him. But, I'm going under the assumption right now that he will be a starter.

      The other part of this selection determination involves keeping players in 2014. We can keep players 1 round earlier than the year before with a max round of 12 (i.e., any players drafted after round 12 or were a waiver wire must be kept in round 12 or lower, hence Trout is my round 12 keeper this year). So keeping someone like Chapman in round 11 vs. Moore in round 6 means I could keep Chapman in round 10 next year versus Moore would be a round 5.

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      • Hmmm, interesting. Thinking ahead to 2014 was one of the reasons I suggest Moore. I feel he's either having his breakout year this year or then and will be in that top 12 of all SPs when it happens. Either way, I'm positive he'll reward you with top 6 rd. results. Tampa adding Myers to their offense could improve his Win probability with run support.
        Man that whole escalating round for the keeper burns. You could keep Profar in that instance thinking that at 11/10/9/8/7 with living up to expectations He'll be a 3rd pick or higher after this year's draft.
        Then with Goldshmidt, I haven't followed him much, I don't know how high of a potential he has. I've usually settled my 1b long before his name would come up, a Cabrera/Fielder/Gonzalez/Pujols/Votto pick with my 1st pick is typical.
        And wow. found a google link just now and in 93mock drafts run in the past week, Goldschmidt has adp is 24 and goes anywhere from 16-45.

        Seems, we may have found your last keeper


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