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  • BrewCrewDue BrewCrewDue Jan 14, 2013 10:07 PM Flag

    Team Dynasty League..

    Ouch, the Mets? Really? That's a project 70win team for a reason. You have Wright and then? A bunch of young pitchers who could turn top 10 pitching but only a could and not likely.
    Can you trade teams? lol if a picked team below your NYM turns up available....obviously not Houston/FLa I might consider it. Remember, no Dickey this year who won 10 games beyond what the Mets should have won on his own.
    I hate your offense with both teams. Atl, is mixed with good/bad low BA/Power numbers due to ballpark factor. This applies to NYM as well. Good luck man, but not liking your chances

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    • Well, I was gunning for the Tigers/ Nationals combo but...
      I did the best I could with what I had. A decent amount of good arms, I'm a big fan of Heyward and Freeman, Wright is good when healthy and Kimbrel the best closer in baseball.

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      • Yeah I was being sarcastic of course those teams went top two. When it came down to my second round it was NYM or the White Sox. Konerko is close to done, Dunn is what he is, Sale is a great young talent that is heading for a tommy john and his massive increase in innings I wasn't a fan of, Peavy has one healthy year in the last four or five. I went with Daniel Murphy, Wright, Niese, Harvey and Ike Davis from NYM. TDA wasn't available except for the minor league draft. Santana, well, I don't know how much I trust him more than any other pitcher I kept. Yes, I kept Terehan and Minor, risk but there is reward.

      • So how does your 20 man look? I guess thinking it over you pare down between the two teams 20players don't you? I was thinking 20 from each team.
        Off top of my head:
        Wright,Heyward,Freeman,Medlin,Kimbrel,BJ Upton, Uggla,Simmons?, McCann.
        Looking up: Prado,Beachy,D'Arnaud,Santana,Niese.
        That's it. 14players. Anyone else bring question marks. so add Hudson. 15. When it comes to the young staffs when you make your 20 do the others become available via Waivers for the rest of the League? Because you're looking between Harvey,Teheran,Mejia,Gee,Delgado,Minor to fill out the SP. and who knows what other RP?

        Detroit to me had to have been top 5 picked. Wash could have been 6-10 and if they were around 7 You picked wrong with Atl. Just in Wash lineup you'd have:
        1b Laroche, 2b Espinosa SS Desmond 3b Zimmerman Of Werth,Morse,Harper and Span No Catcher.

        And that's just 1team which already compares as well or better than your Atl/NYM 2 team combo.


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