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  • BrewCrewDue BrewCrewDue Jan 13, 2013 8:35 PM Flag

    Team Dynasty League..

    Interesting League. If you can draft 5 Pitchers get on Milwaukee. Yes I'm a fan but 2FAs to be in Hart/Gomez led NL in HRs and SBs. The staff is either ripe to have 2/3 types or all 5/6types. Like I said if you can draft Starting Pitching you settle the only weakness on Milwaukee

    Other teams? Washington? Oakland? pairing Pitching staffs with Hitters of Milwaukee.
    KC is another team with ripe talent to explode offensively. Seattle could become interesting with a trade or two yet to be made.

    How does this all play out? W/L? Stats by teams?


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