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    Dynasty League Help

    I need to cut at least three of the following guys but would like 6. 12 teams

    C: M. Montero
    1B: Encarnacion, Ortiz, Howard, Alonso
    2B: Scuataro
    3B: Young, Olt
    SS: Gordan
    OF: Ellsbury, Upton, Bautista, Crawford, Cruz, Markakis

    SP: Halladay, Lee, Buchholz, Fister, Bundy, Shelby Miller, Griffin, Milone, Carpenter, Vargas, Leake
    RP: MO, Valverde, Madson, Bell

    Im thinking Markakis, Bell, and Leake as the first three, but who else?


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    • First, Which Upton? If it's BJ, I'd trade him away. I fear the NL East will reduce his HRs by half. He can be included with another player maybe a pitcher and try obtaining a 2b/SS/3b in return.
      Lose Alonso,Scutaro,Young, all the RPs...well I don't know who MO is but lose the other 3.
      At 2b target Rutledge if available as he's SS now maybe 2b eligible but with Tulo back he will play 2b.
      The thing about Olt is I think he's not going to see time at 3b because of Beltre. He's going to only get ABs at 1b or as DH. If anyone else is high on him trade him to them, I'm not high on Olt anyway he sounds like that .245 and 12-16HRs guy while the high projections are of .288 and 20-28HRs.
      SS of future to look at:Nick Franklin
      C:TDA,Mike Zunino

    • I take it this is head to head? Cause in a roto you don't want that many pitcher cause of innings restrictions.

      Hmmmm, I'd cut:


      I'd trade Ryan Howard if anyone is interested. Same with Markakis.

      I'd keep Scutaro and Young for now just because you are weakest at those positions -- as in not having anyone else -- and unless you know there will be a decent 2B and 3B in re-draft (not likely) you kind of have to use them until someone pops up in the FA pool. Id keep Olt but go fishing or trading for a 3B and use Young in the meantime. Don't like Gordon either but again the infield outside of 1B is your weakness. At least Scutaro and Young will give you some multi-position eligibility for this season so they could be semi-decent bench players.

      I'd try and trade an aging vet like Ryan Howard and/or Carpenter for some top tier help up the middle.

      Yonder Alonso you definitely don't need given Encarcion and Ortiz (IF Ortiz is eligibly at 1B in your league). Alonso was floating around in the FA pool in all my leagues on and off all last season. Unless you can "sell' his "potential" to another owner, I wouldn't keep him.

      Finally thought, as a Sox fan I've seen Buchholz go up and down like a yo-yo during his career. Might try trading him especially to some Sox "homer" in your league. You might be able t get a slight upgrade out of him.

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      • Alonso i have actually gotten a few offers for. I dont see why Vargas, he had a good year on a bad team and is 29. 3B being shallow who to target? Im the only sox fan! But ppl have interest in him. Should i punt saves and go for holds? Looks like most closers are taken, Valverde wont close only possibilty i see is Houston. With MO and Madson back from inj nnot too good.I have a few ppl interested in MO and Madson

    • You can cut more than 3 frankly... Vargas, Leake, Olt (he's a ways away from being significant). Bell (his cannon is rusted out), Young (was good, now over the hill), Alonso (unless he gets dealt from SD or your league counts Doubles). I would keep Markakis over any of these guys, but he certainly isn't untouchable himself.

    • Young! He's useless and he's old, you could grab him again in the draft if you still need a 3B,Valverde, Madson,Leake,Bell,Markakis... Look to trade Carp and Howard maybe together.

    • Martkakis, unless your league counts 2B- and thats if he's healthy, Valverde, Leake or Taco Bell would all be great choices for cuts. I am also not a fan of younger, unproven players like Olt, Alonso or guys like Miller who aren't even guaranteed a starting spot in the rotation but I understand the dynasty concept- I'm just sayin'

    • I don't know how deep your league is, or categories. assuming only saves.

      Leake and Bell yes, Markakis isn't great but he's still only 29, I'd hold onto him. Valverde I think you can drop.

      If you are desperately looking for 3 more then Gordon doesn't look good, though that leaves you without #$%$ M. Young is really not a starting 3b in most leagues, maybe philly helps his power but it's not like he's young. Scutaro is the same, ok player but don't let playoffs cloud your judgement, he's not a great fantasy asset. You could try to trade some 1B for MI/3B help, people might like Alonso, or howard, or you could try E5 off a career year. You could also deal an OF. good luck.


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