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  • Greg B Greg B Dec 29, 2012 3:41 PM Flag

    How to draft a great 7 player keeper team?

    12 team 7 player keeper league, h2h points scoring

    First question... I got the first overall pick.... Trout or Cabrera
    2nd.... Do I go after 2 aces in the 2nd and 3rd round? Or lock up Stanton and or Castro.
    What pick should I draft Harper, or do I even bother.
    Encarnacion or goldshmidt?
    Freese or Headley?
    Where do u rank Bumgarner pitcher wise?
    Is Jansen still the closer for the dodgers?
    Give me ur sleeper catcher.

    A lot of questions, sorry. I will appreciate any advice or opinions.

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    • 1st pick Braun or Trout. All around numbers which at 1/24/25/48/49 picks you aren't forcing yourself to lean towards SBs on a hitter in any of those other 4picks you can take your BPA.

      I take an Ace with one of the two 24/25picks. Felix/Hamels/Price/Strasburg all could be there. If 2 of those 4 are there assuming Kershaw/Verlander are gone I'd pick two of them. It's likely 1 of them is there only.
      Stanton is a top 16 pick you're out of luck.
      Sleeper Catchers in this order Salvador Perez/Jon Lucroy/TDArnaud. Note TDA is likely to start the year in AAA. That whole ML Clock hold back thing teams do. Lucroy's Avg is legit .280+. Perez is going to Mash. He may get gobbled up too early top 5rds. If he's there for 6th/7th take him. Lucroy is a 8th/9th type pick. TDA may get picked around then or later. If you miss on Perez wait out til Lucroy or TDA remain take them with one of your next picks.

      I'm not high on Bumgarner and wouldn't reach for him with your picks. If he's fallen down in the draft to you then draft him but don't reach.
      Jansen? Don't know why need to mention him. He's not a Keeper obviously just a RP who you can draft after 10 rds.
      I like Encarnacion/Freese vs Headley/Goldshmidt. Better teams around them offensively which means more RBI/Runs scored chances over the season.

      I've been thinking who youre 25 pick may be as a hitter. Let's go with potentials as:
      Kinsler,Beltre,Hamilton,Butler,Adrian Gonzalez,Reyes,Bautista,JUpton,Pedroia,Wright.
      All should be safe picks as 3rd-ers. Harper is a 3rder low to high 4th imo and these players above should perform vs. a Sophomore slump potential.

    • If Harper is there with your second/third pick you better take him in a keeper league. He won't be there on your next swing of picks. Jansen not the closer, League is. Headley way over freeze. Sleeper catcher (as long as your league isn't paying attention) is Wilin Rosario. Good luck.

    • Trout, then Stanton and Harper, I bet harper is gone early rd 3 in a keeper though.

      Goldschmidt, Freese (though he's only fringe average for a 12 teamer), bumgarner is ok but lacks velocity to really be elite, somewhere around 70 or so. I have no idea on Jansen, neither do dodgers until spring training.

      Sleeper catcher, Pierzynski, though if someone's on auto draft he may go early, but I think in Texas he can produce for one more year. D'arnaud might be a good choice, though he's not a 'sleeper'. If he slips, how about Montero with Seattle?

    • One at a time

    • get Miggy cause it's points
      Take Strasburg and Castro if you can in the 3rd round. Take Harper in the 4th if he's available. Encarnacion, Freese. Bumgarner is right behind Hamels IMO

      I think League is gonna close for the Dodgers

    • Points league, go with Miggy.
      If one of the elite SP is there, take one then draft the best SS or 2B available. if none of the elite SP are there then take the best SS and 2B available.
      I think people will be reaching on Harper, let someone else take him early.
      Headley, but if you take Miggy play him at 3B and hopefully you get Goldy for 1B or another 1B, I don't think you'll have a hard time finding a 1B through the draft.
      There's about 10 or so SP I would rank ahead of him, top 15 though. I wouldn't draft him in the 2nd or 3rd if that's what you're thinking.
      I'm a Dodger fan and even I don't know the answer to this, haha. There's an issue with his heart, he had surgery though to fix it, Dodgers must have questions though because they resigned League to a pretty good contract. But I think he will be the closer.
      I don't waste time with catchers, I never draft one til the final rounds. They're like TE in football, once you get pass the first couple, there's not that big of a difference.


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